Why it’s important to have a marketing plan away from social media too

Marketing away from social media

Why step away?

Although I work in Social Media, one thing I always teach clients is to have a holistic approach to their marketing which includes occasionally stepping away from Social Media. Building up a Social Media following is a brilliant way to grow influence and help share your message and that is exactly why I spend so much time on Instagram but relying on Social Media solely can also have it’s drawbacks like Bryan Rose (Owner of London Real) recently realised.

Brands who cleverly find alternatives

Instead of placing all your energy on your social media efforts, it’s important to have an alternative plan, like entrepreneur Tim Ferris said in a recent interview in Success Magazine ‘Thousands of businesses have been successful without posting incessantly on Instagram throughout history’ and perhaps this is why the brand Lush took a bold decision to step away from Social Media last April saying “We don’t want to limit ourselves to holding conversations in one place, we want social to be placed back in the hands of our communities – from our founders to our friends,” (Full article here) and other brands like Gymshark fuse their online and offline marketing by organising meet-ups and ‘expos’ – events. (Full article here)

Growing your influence away from Social Media

Let’s be honest, Social Media is great for the ego but we need to remember that we don’t hold all the rights to it and therefore when it’s gone, there is very little we can do. On a deeper level, we must also remind ourselves that our social media following is not a true representation of how much we are liked or how popular we are (this is a whole other blog post). So how can you find other ways to build up your influence?

  1. Create a product that people value and need, something they talk about it with others away from social media.
  2. Build up an email list which you can use to sell off Social Media.
  3. Attend networking events, speak at events, build your name and your own following offline.

These are just a few really easy ways to stay connected. There are more, I love the idea of regular meets ups and giving back, this is done really well by entrepreneur Suraj Sodha who runs monthly Entrepreneur Jam session in London where he hosts entrepreneurs for free giving them access to influential speakers who he interviews. So clever and also such a brilliant way to stay connected with people face to face!

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