What i learnt about my account getting disabled on Facebook

Facebook disabled my account

A few weeks ago, I was hacked on Facebook, the hacker posted something against Facebook community guidelines and my account was shut down without warning immediately. I haven’t been able to recover it so I have chosen to let it go.

5 Things I learnt

Firstly I would say don’t think this can’t happen, I was actually aware of this and am really glad the topic came up during a podcast. Secondly, I hope this doesn’t happen to you but if it does I feel it is my responsibility to share some learnings I had from the experience.

  1. Facebook Groups – If you run groups, make sure you are not the only admin. When you are sole admin, if your account get’s disabled, you have no way of getting back the group – all your posts disappear and so do you.
  2. Security – Make sure you set up a two factor authentication, change your password every few months and make sure your accounts have different passwords.
  3. Advertising – Delete your bank cards from your FB account. Try not to keep cards on your account. Delete immediately after use.
  4. Photos – If you have any photos that are particularly important to you, make sure you save them somewhere else other than Facebook. Everything on Facebook is owned by Facebook so you won’t be able to get it back if something happens to your account.
  5. Instagram – Make sure your Instagram account has a different password to your Facebook account. If they have the same password, then there is a chance your Instagram could get shut down too.

You shouldn’t be too attached to your Social Media account, I actually feel a little weird saying that considering I work in the field but I am very aware that you do need to be careful and take necessary precautions to protect yourself, so I hope my learnings serve your well. Feel free to drop me an email on info@renuravalia.com if you have any questions or worries about this.

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