Using Instagram Nametags

Instagram Nametags 

If you’re an Instagram regular, you might have seen a new icon on the top right hand side of your home screen that looks like this.


On Tuesday Instagram launched a nametag feature allowing you to promote your brand or business (or personal profile) visually. You have the option to personalise it using an emoji, selfie or choose a colour of your choice. Want to create one of your own? Below is a step by step guide of how to create your nametag.

Creating your Nametag

Step 1: Click the icon included above on the top  right hand corner of your home screen. 


Step 2: Decide on your style by playing with the emoji, selfie and colour options which will be located in the top centre. I chose this emoji. 


Step 3: Use your nametag to help people follow you, it definitely helps fasten up the whole process especially when you are out at events.

Here is what the other person will get when they scan your tag. Use your tag on Facebook, LinkedIn and on all your marketing material. 


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