encouraging engagement on Social Media – tips

I have recently been doing lots of Content Plans for businesses, some businesses don’t know where to start with this and just need some support and a plan to help them build on. Realising the lack of knowledge when it comes to creating posts for social media, here are some tips for getting yourself noticed.

Instagram – Don’t be too salsely, the worst thing I see if people saying LINK IN BIO in every post.

Facebook – Include a link if you want people to learn more. Facebook is not like Instagram so don’t be scared to doing the harder sell.

Instagram – Give details, your audience don’t know what you do so don’t be shy to give lots of detail of what it is you are promoting.

Facebook – Hashtags don’t work on Facebook like they do on Instagram, the only time they are acceptable is if something is trending, for example #mentalhealthawarenessweek

Instagram – Use good images and be creative, Instagram is an image led channel so image is what will help you get noticed.

Facebook & Instagram – Ask questions, if you want people to talk to you, be specific and ask them questions.

Facebook & Instagram – Mix up your content, don’t just put one product, after another, sit down and think about everything you have to offer and mix it up.

I want more help please…

If you want more tips on using Social Media, head over to my IGTV channel for inspiration and advice – I am Renu Ravalia IGTV Channel or just send me an email on info@renuravalia.com to learn more about how I can help you.

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