Tips for how to write scripts for video

IGTV & Video scripts

Have you noticed how many LIVES are currently happening on Instagram? Whether you are inundated with work or the result of this pandemic is that you are having a serious quiet patch, it is still important to stay visible on Social Media and LIVES/IGTV are a great way to do this!

Saying this, I have seen various clients avoid this because they lack confidence in how to put together a script. For this reason, I thought I would share some tips for writing a script suitable for a solo video or solo LIVE (Facebook or Instagram worthy)

Formatting your Video script

  1. Your Intro
    The best way to start your Video or LIVE is with a little introduction to yourself. Tell your audience where you are from, what you do and any other key USP’s about yourself. This is important because it helps to build a connection and tell your story.
  2. Your Theme
    You need to be clear on your theme/title. You would have marketed this already so people know what it is about but it is always good to just summarise again what you will be talking about.
  3. Your Main Talk
    If you are offering tips, using 3 or 5 is really helpful and will keep your audience focussed and interested. If you are using props, just remember that you audience will not have your knowledge so be as descriptive as possible. To encourage engagement, you can even request them to drop questions (If it is an IGTV) or give them a call to action to ask along the way or save till the end (If LIVE)
  4. Rounding off
    Always use this to share any offers you have on and also any other Social Media handles (This might be your FB Business Page handle) as well as you website address and email if you want people to contact you.

I find this format the easiest to use and I always suggest doing a bit of planning. Also think about your surroundings to keep it professional when filming. Let me know how you get on or if you want further tips, just drop me an email on

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