The power of routines and tips around creating one when you work for yourself

Why routines are important? 

You have had a routine your whole life, you might not realise it but we have all been to school, some of us college and university and then we have worked, these routines are embedded in us, we have been conditioned to follow them but when you work for yourself it is easy to forget about routine, the freedom of doing what you want and when and having no one to answer to (but yourself) can be confusing and once we fall out of routine, we can feel lost so routine is very important.

How to create a routine that works for you

Here I share some of my routine tips and how I manage them:

  1. PLANNING YOUR DAY: I am an early riser, I still like getting up early so I haven’t changed this. Starting work at 9am works for me, I usually start with Social Media and emails, my mornings aren’t always most productive but I know I feel good when I start my day early. Are you an early riser? When are you most productive? If you don’t know, document your day and figure out when you work the best and plan your day around this.
  2. MAKING LISTS: I have always made lists, it helps me to plan my days and figure out my priorities. I have tried lots of journals but found most of them overwhelming, so I created my own, this works on a week by week basis and includes positive references to keep my mind in right place. It also has a section dedicated to things which aren’t urgent but are swimming around my head. Want to learn more about my journal, drop me a message and I will send you an image of it.
  3. GETTING SOME HUMAN INTERACTION: I miss having people around, like many people who are self employed, I work from home most of the time but I also know I am motivated when I am in other peoples presence so once in a while I head to a cafe to work, I still do this alone but leaving the house and having some human interaction really helps. Do you need human interaction? Get yourself out of the house at least once a week to help and see how it helps your creativity.

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