Why every brand needs a Content Marketing strategy?

Content Strategy refers to the planning, development, and management of content. – Wikipedia

Compared to years ago, your customer has never been more bogged down with content, where traditionally your competitor was only the companies within your city/country, with the rise of the internet and aggressive marketing, your competitor base is now world wide which means you need to work harder to get some attention, so there has never been a better time to create a content marking strategy. Still asking yourself why, well the content you create will not only offer your brand some personality, a bit of a unique touch but will also allow it to market itself in a more subtle way which in the long run will not only help build brand loyalty but also aid in developing leads and we all know leads equals conversions.

So, what’s the first steps to developing your strategy? 

1. Research: The content has to be relevant to your audience, there needs and interests. So step one would be to get to know your audience.
2. Business Objectives: Step 2 is clearly identify what the objectives are and tailor your content around these. In order for it to be relevant, it needs some direction.

So next question, what is good content?

1. Good content has the ability to tell a story, something that will resonate with the customer.
2. Good content is trustworthy – so make sure it’s honest and open
3. Good content should consist of personalisation – Everyone wants to feel special.
4. Good content needs to relevant more than long winded. Quality always trumps quantity.
5. Try to make it as visual as possible. It has been statistically proven that people are more likely to respond to imagery than words and as estimated 84 percent of communications will be visual by 2018, you might as well get on the band wagon now.

If you’ve done the research and are now waiting to create some great content to draw in your audience but you need a little help creating a strategy, why not get in touch!

Need some help creating a strategy? Get in touch by emailing me on info@renuravalia.com and let’s chat.  

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