‘I booked a 1:1 Social media coaching session with Renu as we had met within a networking group. Having just launched my company in party planning I needed some solid guidance and advice on how to utilise social media for my business.
Before our session, Renu asked me to email her some of my goals, concerns, and where I would need help. During the session, she had prepared a document for me to take away and went through all my concerns and physically showed me what I needed to do and why it was important for my business. This was very helpful rather than just talking to me.
She took on board all my concerns. Her warm and friendly approach made me feel relaxed enough to be able to be upfront and honest with her.
I came home with a wealth of knowledge I was able to use immediately. She even checked up on me the day before and encouraged me to continue to good work.
I was able to implement the goals she set for me and she made this manageable for me.

She didn’t overload me with information either it was very tailored to my needs. I will definitely be recommending Renu to anyone in need of any Social Media Marketing advice.’

Hetal Tharanee, Owner, Ruby & Fi – events with style JUNE 2018

‘I can’t recommend Renu highly enough. Personable and full of positivity, Renu provides you with both practical advice and extra nuggets of creative information, to really help you make the most of your businesses social media potential. During the workshop, the session was both relaxed and informative and I came away with a new confidence about what I could achieve. Renu had clearly spent time researching each of our business areas and offered professional guidance tailored to our needs, which was clearly presented and easy to understand.
After the session, we were provided with an in-depth sheet of content from the day and also a content plan, to help you plan your social media activity, great for prioritising and planning your workload while keeping your content relevant. I also asked for additional contact information, which I was sent the following day.

Renu has a great passion and energy for what she does – thank you for sharing that with us.’

Jane Baker, Owner, Clarendon Design JULY 2018 – WORKSHOP 

‘The workshop was a lovely relaxed atmosphere and it was great connecting with like minded businesses. Thank you Renu, I will most definetly be recommending you in the future and calling upon your expertise again.’

Karuna Mistry, Arbonne Skincare JULY 2018 – WORKSHOP

‘Having been apart of Renu’s facebook group for the last year or so i saw many of her helpful posts to various members, genuine attempts to arrange free meet ups for the community, and recommendations from others about her 1:1 services. As a result of the positive feedback i thought that id take the plunge and get in contact for some consultancy for my mandir’s social media/digital strategy project.

I was impressed by the level of customer service that she demonstrated (and still does) as well as the recommendations for my facebook strategy and social media campaign. It was great to know that she asked many important pre requisite questions (my aims/objectives) before we met and did some prep work  prior to meeting in person.

As a result, Renu understood the importance of identifying the exact value that I was trying to create and hence provided a tailored service. I was able to have a meaningful conversation and implement relevant pointers during our session which is something hard to come by these days especially within a short space of time.

In particular I was impressed by her ‘outsiders’ view approach of my organisation/current social media content and her advice on customer/viewer perception which is a rare skill to come by (especially when you are close to the daily detail).

If your business in still growing and needs some direction/guidance then its definitely worthwhile utilisng Renu’s professional expertise.’

Amit Rana, ISKCON Representative, College of Vedic Studies JULY 2018

‘It was a great pleasure to meet Renu today, on my 1:1 marketing meeting.  Prior to the meeting Renu was very pro-active in sending me some questions regarding to my new business idea, what sort of marketing help and support i required, so she could plan the meeting and have the appropriate information.  Renu came back with some very useful hints and tips, showed me what I needed to do and explaining how it would be beneficial for my business.
During the meeting I found Renu very understanding and approachable, made me feel at ease and I felt with her kind personality I was not afraid to ask her any questions.  I felt a lot more confident in myself as I really want my business to work, but my biggest weakness is marketing!  But now with the help and support of Renu I feel I have a mentor behind me, can contact Renu anytime and book more sessions to take me to the next level.

I will highly recommend Renu, who needs the help and support of any social media marketing advice.’

Bhavna Parmar, Owner, Spicy Masterclass AUGUST 2018

‘We have just recently launched our new venture and were looking for a way to expand our social media knowledge. Renu was organised and very efficient in planning our session and catered this specifically for our business and industry. She has really given us food for thought and provided us with a good plan for using social media as a tool for growth. Providing a survey beforehand, we were able to identify our challenges making our session a lot more productive. The session was very insightful and Renu’s expertise really stood out to make it a great value add session. It was great working with Renu, and we will certainly be booking in some more sessions throughout our journey. Thanks for your hard work Renu!’

Henna Patel, Owner Baby Clothes Direct SEPTEMBER 2018

‘My 1:1 session with Renu about our social media marketing was extremely useful.Renu sent over some pre-meeting questions to get an understanding of our business and what we need support with in relation to social media marketing.The session was really focussed on the areas identified prior to the meeting. Renu provided lots of useful suggestions and guidance relating to different aspects. She followed up with a detailed action plan which we discussed during the meeting. Renu is friendly and approachable and I would highly recommend Renu to anyone who wants help and advice in this area to grow their business.’

Tasneem Ibrahim, Coffee Ethic SEPTMEBER 2018

‘You were very open to give us all information to progress our business and give lots of tips. We felt that Renu was very honest and open to guide you to take your business further. It was group of 6 people but felt like 1:1’

Mauli Shah, Indian Mart SEPTEMBER 2018 – WORKSHOP

‘It was incredibly informative, but with a comfortable, casual air that made everything accessible and relatable. Charming, informative and exceedingly friendly. I had a lot of fun at the session, and I’ll make sure to reccomend you to anyone I can!’

Samuel McQuail SEPTEMBER 2018 – WORKSHOP

‘Having Renu work with us on our digital marketing plan has been incredible. From making our existing email chains more concise to helping us create more engaging content for social media, Renu has helped us overhaul and improve our digital image – all of which will come together to help us raise more funds and have a bigger impact in Uganda.’

Andy King, East African Playgrounds Charity SEPTEMBER 2018 – DIGITAL MARKETING CONSULTANCY 

‘I had a session with Renu last month. I was doing social media everyday, but not using it to the whole advantage (since I didn’t know what I was doing!)

Renu was very professional, and had researched my business, and had comparisons for me to look at. She told me where I could improve, and since doing her course, I’ve had 2 strangers become clients, and my following is going up rapidly everyday. (I used to get lots of follow/unfollows, and now it’s genuine!)

Definitely worth having a session with her.’

Valerie Sheldon, Essential Oils Lady UK, Young Living Essential Oil Consultant OCTOBER 2018

‘I found the 1:1 session really helpful, it gave me much needed clarity, motivation and a plan of action going forwards.  There is so much to do when running your own business, Renu really helped me to prioritise what to focus on.  Thanks so much will definitely be recommending your sessions to others.’

Anila Ahmed, Founder Pretty Box London, OCTOBER 2018

‘As a start-up business on a tight budget, I couldn’t afford to hire a social media marketing manager to look after my businesses Facebook and Instagram account so I did all the work myself but I came to a roadblock when I ran out of ideas and without a clear strategy I couldn’t move forward. This all changed after a 1:1 session with Renu. Before I met up with her she ask me to complete a short questionnaire about the business and my goals, this allowed her to tailor the session to the needs of my business. During the session she talked me through all the things I needed to do from the simple talks to the finer details of social media marketing.  She gave me a wealth of knowledge i simply couldn’t have ever known and I now feel more focused and motivated with the action plan she provided to me at the end. Thank you Renu, I will be recommending your service to others’

Vay Su, Owner Just Nails Direct, November 2018

‘I had a great 1 to 1 coaching session a few weeks ago with Renu. We discussed how to brand myself and how to treat the individual businesses that I am working on. The session helped me to think about my businesses in a different way, making it easier to explain to others what I do. We also discussed how best to use my social media accounts to attract the right kind of people that I am looking to work with. If you are a business owner needing a little but of direction, I would recommend that you speak to Renu sooner rather than later.’

Viks Patel, Entrepreneur, November 2018

‘After speaking with Renu I had one to session with Renu for advice on how to improve my Instagram. I’m a mum of two who had only ever used Instagram to share pictures with friends and family. So once I had followed all my friends and family I soon realised I had no idea on how to run a business from Instagram.

Having support from a consultant like Renu was something I thought was inaccessible to a small business like me.

However, Renu made the whole potentially daunting experience, so easy. Her communication put me at ease from the moment we first spoke and no question was ever too silly. Her warm personality made me feel relaxed straight away. She showed a great interest in what I do and really understood what my business goals and focus were.

The Zoom app we used to “meet” was perfect for me. It meant I could have a meeting Renu in the comfort of my own home whilst the children were in bed.

Renu’s advice and plan for me is easy to understand ( even for me a casual Instagram user). I’m so excited to excited to implement her suggestions and watch my business grow.

If you’re in doubt as to whether you access support with your social media, just do it. Renu is amazing and would recommend her to anyone’.

Helen Tomlinson, Founder Once Upon a Teepee, Kent, NOVEMBER 2018

‘I have had just a couple of hours training from Renu around enhancing my LinkedIn page and using its features for my business. She was extremely well prepared, very approachable and the session was completely focused on my needs. I am working my way through the document she gave me afterwards giving lots of useful examples for my follow up. I would definitely recommend Renu for the value I have gained.’

Debra King, Owner, Outsourced HR Consulting – DECEMBER 2018

‘I met with Renu today and found her so inspirational and give me some great tips not just for the business social media but also about her own well being’

Nicola Robinson, Owner, Beaute Skin Clinic – DECEMBER 2018

‘Had a fantastic brainstorming session with Renu…How to make the most of Social Media and my vision for my business! Thank you Renu you really gave me a lot of to think about and helped me make some big decisions about my business’

Kam Parker, Owner K Fitness & Nutrition – DECEMBER 2018

‘Thank you so much for the wonderful session yesterday. Before have a 1:1 session with you, I was really confused about my jewellery brand and the effort I have been putting into building my brand name, if it was right for the business or not. Before our session, you had done some good research about my brand and what I needed to improve to build brand awareness and reach my ideal clients, you guided me in the best way. The words like strategy and ideal clients always confused me and you me me understand them really well. Whatever confusion I had related to social media you made all my queries easy to understand. I am very happy I took this session with you and am really excited to work with you on my brand. Thanks for you help. You are really good at your job. PS. I should have come for a 1:1 session before starting my brand.’

Sidhi Shah, Owner Aura By Sidhi – JANUARY 2019

‘I came to know about Renu Ravalia through a friend of mine since I was struggling to understand how to market my brand on the social media. I immediately got in touch with Renu to arrange a meeting with her, have to say she made me comfortable on the very first conversation that I had with her, she briefly explained what the session would be all about and I knew I wanted to take this further. Prior to my meeting, I was asked to fill a survey which helped her to understand what exactly needed to be established from our bespoke session. During my session Renu came across very professional and efficient in her field, it was very easy to approach her and we truly maximised our time together.

Renu is not just an amazing marketing mentor but truly a very friendly and warm human being as well which actually helped me to understand my problem areas and work towards finding a solution for it. Cant recommend Renu enough, she surely is a master in her field and at what she does. so if you are looking to get some help in order to understand how to grow your business through the social media then Renu Ravalia it is. I definately would want to go to her for a follow up session to maximise the exposure of my brand and learn more from the expertise.’

Sadaf  Penkar, Owner B’tazz Creations – JANUARY 2019

‘Renu has offered a wealth of information and experience when we’ve had our social media sessions. As I am new to maximising the potential of social media, Renu has provided useful tips and tricks on how I can make the most of what I am doing to make it count for me and also my followers. Being a mum and still working full time, I need to be able to do things that are efficient as well as work for me rather than against me and my business. By having Renu’s expertise I’ve made small changes which have been so useful in moving my business forward in the social media space. I hope to implement more of Renu’s tips in the year to come so that I can take my business to where I’d like it to be.’

Leena Biant, Blogger at House to Home by Leena – JANUARY 2019

‘We had the pleasure of working with Renu recently when she hosted us for a morning session that looked at our social media strategy and how we can further improve it.  

Throughout the entire process, Renu was approachable, interested, engaged and keen to help us create real, impactful changes to our social content and engagement.  Her training session was informal, yet packed full of observations (she’d done her homework) and suggestions which we’ve since put into action.

Would I recommend her?  Absolutely. I think too many of us are ‘busy’ doing social media, yet few are analysing and planning to maximise each post.  I’d suggest you do this now before your competitor has the same ‘lightbulb’ moment.’

Kevin Urquhart, Founder, Fraser Urquhart Media (FU Media)JANUARY 2019

‘The whole experience was so so useful. It gave me an incredible insight into the ins and outs of Instagram. Today I learnt so much and also gained the confidence to delve deeper into Instagram. I definitely recommend Renu’s services to anyone who is struggling to find their way around Instagram and other social media platforms. You will definitely benefit from Renu’s knowledge and expertise. Our session with Renu was extremely valuable. Our primary aim is to increase our followers and create much more awareness and in turn find more funding for our cause. With Renu’s help I look forward to seeing these numbers increase. I look forward to our next session.’ Anjali Hathiramani, Founder

‘The session was very useful,informative and organised. Renu , is kind , patient, motivated and knows her job. She answered all our questions in clear way.’ Rasha Ghaddar, Founder

‘I greatly benefitted from the session with Renu as I had only beginners knowledge and no idea about the magnitude of possibilities Instagram offers. I particularly liked how she patiently let us try out on our phones how to apply the lessons she taught – a great way to retain the information! Her enthusiasm about her work is tangible and inspires as she teaches.’ Ina Zein, Founder

‘I am really grateful for the time you took to willingly give us such beneficial information and guidance to develop our skills in using Instagram to create more awareness to our charity foundation.  I enjoyed the session so much as it was so useful and fun . I really appreciate your patience as we are all beginners in this field. May God reward you abundantly Renu. You have such a good way in explaining things . It was so nice talking to you . Wishing u all the best in your work.’ Maryana Fadlallah, Founder 

Gatan Marayu Foundation, Kano Nigeria – JANUARY 2019

‘Having taken some time off to have my baby last year, I was struggling to manage my social media accounts. So, I booked a 121 with Renu and I’m so glad I did! I feel so much more confident in how to manage my accounts and what to post. I would recommend a session to anyone!’

Deepa Rodrigues, Owner, Deepa Rodrigues Photography – FEBRUARY 2019

‘I have recently set up my business and I knew I needed help in how to promote my business further on instagram. I have been using instagram for my own personal use, but felt that I was not using instagram to its full potential in order to reach out to a wider audience and possibly new clients. I was following Renu on instagram and was very interested in how she delivered her content and decided to get in touch. I’m so pleased that I did, as she explained how instagram can help my business grow and how to target a wider audience. She explained how I should use hashtags, when to post, how to use quotes and the list goes on. I walked away more knowledgable and confident and I highly recommend Renu to anyone!’

Jinny K, Owner, Beauti By Jinny – FEBRUARY 2019

‘I’ve attended a very informative 1-1 session with Renu, she put together a useful action plan for my business.’

Kailesh Parmar, Abode Carpentry – FEBRUARY 2019

‘We are currently assessing our digital marketing strategy and realised that we don’t have one. I was a little bit reluctant in booking someone to come in and help us with this as I didn’t know whether we would learn anything new or useful. I found out about Renu Sabnani Ravalia through social media and felt that she might by the type of person to help us out. Renu came to our office with an outline of things to discuss in line with a questionnaire that I filled in beforehand.’

‘Renu was very personable and gave us so many ideas to enable us to move forward with our digital marketing. She helped us understand how to use social media for our business and how easy it can be. I am so glad that we booked Renu to come to our business; the ideas and strategies she gave to us will enable us to move forward with raising our profile to develop the company. She taught us ultimately, it is really is a team effort!’

‘Thank you so much Renu and I look forward to working with you again in the future.’

Poonam Chudasama, Solicitor – TML Solicitors  FEBRUARY 2019 – SESSION 1

I really valued my recent 1:1 social media coaching session with Renu. It was a really great opportunity to take a step back from the day to day running of the business and evaluate what is currently working well and how we can improve our social media presence. Renu is extremely knowledgeable and was able to tailor the session to my sector and specific business. I have come away with a better understanding of social media in general and some exciting action plans for going forward. I would really recommend a 1:1 to session with Renu and I will definitely meet with her again in the future to push my business even further forward.

Michelle Tuff, Owner, Glenfield Bathrooms FEBRUARY 2019

‘I would like to recommend Renu for training and guiding me accurately on Social Media. I recommend a 1:1 session if you are trying to build/ enhance your social media marketing strategies. Renu spent more than 2 hours going through all the main points as a company we had to either improve or promote. 

Further, Renu also helps you network with other companies to help build your website and other areas of the business that require immediate attention. We as a company are slowly putting her guidance into practice and networking with other like-minded ladies.

I strongly recommend anyone who wants to visualise their business at another level to have a consultation with Renu and take it from there as she understands a business requirements and marketing strategies.’

Dipti Pandya, Owner, Baba Holidays – FEBRUARY 2019

‘I would like to recommend Renu Ravalia. We used her as our stepping stone into Social Media Marketing for our tuition company; to get to grips with what social media is all about and the steps we need to take before outsourcing it to another firm. Very affordable and such a babe.

Renu was really helpful in providing us with an insight into our business from a third person perspective – with a fresh and unbiased vision. She had done thorough research on our company beforehand and made us more self-aware of where our online presence is at the moment and how to develop this in the coming future. Thank you!!!’

Shivani Shah, Owner, Big Fish Tutors – FEBRUARY 2019

“Flexible. Intuitive. Responsive. Caring. From our first coaching session together,Renu helped me clarify my thoughts on my bussines transition and identify what I needed to do to move forward. She helped me see the ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ by breaking down the steps I needed to take into bite-sized actions. I would highly recommend Renu as a Marketing coach . Her follow-through is remarkable, as is her steadfast positive attitude. I’m glad I can work with this incredible lady on very beginning of my business journey. ”

Olha Namik, Have a Rest UK – MARCH 2019

I booked a 1:1 social media coaching session. Renu’s approach was very professional and she ensured we spent our time covering all the relevant topics.

Before our session, Renu asked me to fill in a short questionnaire to obtain information about my goals, business, concerns and the areas that I wanted to focus on. The session itself was very informative and Renu gave me all the encouragment I needed to contiune working on my venture.

There was alot of useful information to take away from our session. I have taken Renu’s advice and made the neccessary changes to my website and I also now have a better understanding of the various social media platforms we had discussed.

I am so inspired and proud of Renu and without a doubt, I would recommend her services to anyone seeking to improve their social media marketing!

Sandy Rai, Click N Plan – MARCH 2019

Instagram Workshop – MARCH 2019

Thanks Renu, it was a great day. Looking forward to putting it all into practice! – Kirsty France, Freelance Writer @ Kirsty France Writes 

What a brilliant course today by Renu Ravalia. Would highly recommend…as a novice Instagram user I felt that within the first hour I had learnt so much, every question was answered and explained extremely well. Great time! Thank you! – Joanna Evans, Joanna Evens Cake Design

It was really useful and an enjoyable morning. Thank you Renu Ravalia and the rest of the ladies. Look forward to starting Charity Link ‘s page! – Rachel Markham, Charity Link 

A thoroughly worthwhile day! From knowing a little about Insta I now feel much more confident in using it much more to grow my biz. Thank you Renu for your patience (having me there for a while day must’ve been a strain!) and all the #LoveBiz gals! We had a laugh and helped each other along the way. I learnt so much – now to put into action! 😍 xx – Sue Godfrey, Admin #LoveBiz Nottingham

Great content and knowledge thank you Renu. And as for the company I had a fabulous afternoon ♥️ – Vivienne Kane, Owner @ Vivienne Kane Photography

Great course thank you. Be back for the next one xx – Lisa Bell, Business Owner

Thank you so much again, Renu. Trust you enjoyed teaching dinosaurs to fly! I, of course, speak for myself! 😂 I’d recommend the advanced workshop to all members. As a communications tool large PLCs are having to pay serious attention to their audiences on Insta, FB and other social media channels as part of the communications mix. – Kate Broad, Owner Broad Communications

Fantastic instagram course today very informative thankyou! – MJ McMullen, Business Owner

I recently went on Renu’s brilliant Instagram Course. I had been on 2 previous courses and hadn’t really got to grips with how it worked. From the moment the course started, I could tell that I was third time lucky! Renu got us using Instagram from the start so that we understood each step. We were given great tips on content, when to post and how to plan our posts. It’s a fantastic practical course which has really built up my confidence. I cannot wait for Renu’s next advanced course. – Melanie Brown, Owner Mel’s Little Luxuries

I attended a really enjoyable ‘Beginners Guide to Instagram’ workshop with Renu and, after delaying starting a charity business page for months, I finally felt I had the knowledge and inspiration to confidently take this forward!  Renu is obviously very knowledgeable (I had extremely limited experience of using Instagram) and no question was too stupid to ask. I loved the way that Renu got everyone to try things there and then and could answer any questions or queries that came up immediately.  She also helped me to understand the pros and cons of using Instragram for a business, which aided me when deciding if this social media platform was worth investing time in.  After the workshop and when I did set up our profile she gave some helpful nudges in the right direction which was very reassuring.  I am keen to come back for another workshop to see how to further utilise the platform in the future. Renu is a clear communicator and makes her sessions engaging and practical and I would highly recommend working with her. – Rachel Markham – Communications and Fundraising Officer, Charity Link


‘Before I met Renu, the thought of posting pictures on Instagram made me extremely nervous and I would have to actively research ideas on what to post. As I offer a service it was difficult for to me show my target audience what support I offer.

Prior to  my one to one consultation, I emailed Renu with what I was struggling with and exactly what I offer my customers. This helped Renu to put together content and understand my target market. During my one to one session, we looked at my current Instagram page and she advised on colours and styles of layout that I could use, I ended up deleting many posts as they delivered confusing messages and did not add to my brand. After the session, I have learnt to plan my posts and do not struggle for content  and I always have new content ready. The session really helped motivate me on how my social media image currently looks and the look I want to achieve. I am a lot more creative with the content I post and each one adds to my brand and builds a story. Thank you for your support Renu and definitely watch this space!

Renu is positive, professional and really took her time to understand my business and service. She is a delight to work with and has many hints and tips to keep you going, I would without hesitation recommend her mentoring services to colleagues and fellow business owners.’

Mariam Karim, Wedding Coordinator & Owner Mariam Karim Co – APRIL 2019

‘I wanted to say it was a pleasure meeting you. Your help was everything I had hoped for and much much more. I gained so much insight from our session and cannot wait to apply your feedback to move my hair and makeup passion on to the next stage. Thanks again you are a lovely down to earth women, full of wisdom and I will be highly recommending your services to friends and family.’

Jags Mann, Owner of Jags Mann Hair & Make Up Artist – APRIL 2019

‘Just wanted to say ‘Thank You’ for teaching me how to use social media correctly, especially ‘Instagram’, all the ‘do’s’,  ‘don’ts’, ‘how’, ‘when’ etc.  

Your professional, knowledgeable in what you do as well as calm and collective lady, keep up the ‘grand’ work my excellent tutor….looking forward in seeing you soon.   PS: I still can’t believe how much I learnt in space of two hours.’

Veena Pankhania, Entrepreneur & Mentor – APRIL 2019

‘I approached Renu for some help because I’m establishing a new career as a writer and don’t have any experience of social media marketing or building a following. Renu was amazing and clearly has an abundance of experience in this area. Ahead of the session she contacted me to gather some research on what I was looking for so that she could tailor the session to my needs which I found really professional and meant that the content of our session was entirely relevant, useful and practical. During the session she was engaged and enthusiastic, she clearly knew what she was talking about and took me through several ideas about how to market my writing, various functions available on Instagram and Facebook which I wasn’t previously aware of and she opened my mind to other ways and concepts to reach out to a wider audience in a very patient and nonjudgemental way. After the session she sent me a detailed summary of resources we’d discussed plus others which she’d researched – going above and beyond anything I expected. It’s clear that Renu is both passionate and highly capable in social media marketing and I’d highly recommend her to anyone starting a new venture – thanks for all your help Renu’ ❤ –

Reena Anand, Blogger @ Reena Anand – APRIL 2019

‘Having Renu work with us on our digital marketing plan has been incredible. From making our existing email chains more concise to helping us create more engaging content for social media, Renu has helped us overhaul and improve our digital image and improve our storytelling. She has been kind, thorough and intelligent at every turn: I couldn’t recommend her services more!’ –

Andy King, Partnership Manager, East African Playgrounds – APRIL 2019 


We have had two sessions with Renu. The first session in February centred around social media and the importance for a business. We wanted to learn about the different types of social media for businesses and what we need to consider when posting. Social media is fun, but we were sceptical about whether we could use it for our business. We are a law firm and need to present as a professional service. Renu came into our office with a plan of things to talk about. We spent 2.5 hours during the first session to discuss which social media outlets would be best for us. We focused on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter. Renu was able to take us through the dos and don’ts of setting up our page to the content we put up.

Renu spoke to us in such a clear and professional manner but gave advice in such an accessible way. I took a note of all of the important points and felt overwhelmed with information. Renu advised that a great way to organise social media posts was to have a content calendar.

So, after the session I felt equipped to set up our social media accounts. These were to be set up in line with our re-brand to TML Solicitors. Once we clicked the set up button, it was go time to make sure our posts were in line with our business ethos. Once we got into posting on social media it became easier to know what to put up.


We have been interested in writing blogs and articles but wanted some more advice about how best to do this. We also wanted some advice about creating and designing posts. It was only natural for us to call Renu again. She already knew so much about our social media plans. Renu felt like a shorted session would be better for the second one. She came to our office for a 1.5 hour session which was focused on blog content. She gave us some really important advice about how to write blogs. As lawyers, we tend to be quite “wordy” people but we want our blogs to be accessible and fun to read so we have taken on board the advice Renu has given and have some more blogs to be featured on our website and our social media in the near future.

We would recommend Renu for a 1:1 coaching session for businesses to get into social media. Renu is regularly on social media and she has inspired us to create our own posts.

Poonam Chudasama, Solicitor – TML Solicitors APRIL 2019 – SESSION 2

Renu is great to work with and has exceptional expertise in her field. She understands how social media engagement can really make a difference to a business and her 1 to 1 session is well planned and tailored to each business. We found the session insightful and Renu took the time to really understand the business values and vision. We look forward to a continued relationship with Renu.

Pritesh Ghelani, Owner – Liquid Bubble Web Design, Print & Digital Agency – APRIL 2019

Brilliant forward thinking, practical, to the point andstraightforward advice on marketing and social media growthstrategies. Excited to be working with Renu long term inimplementing fresh ideas which she brings to the table inabundance.

Arjun Rai, Director  – Bright Legal SolicitorsMAY 2019

Instagram Workshop – MAY 2019

Thank you for an awesome Instagram course last week at Bawdon Lodge Farm. I learned so very much and am enjoying experimenting with stories and highlights which had been a bit of an enigma to me before the course! When she runs her next one make sure you book your place! – Deirdre Westwood, Arbonne Consultant 

A great morning at Bawdon Lodge Farm learning all about instagram with Renu Ravalia – Caroline Bateman, Owner Vixen Print 

Great course, learnt so much in such a short space of time. Thankyou – Payal Walker, LoveBiz Event Co-ordinator 

Instagram Wedding Industry Talk – JUNE 2019

Really enjoyed today, looking forward to putting what I’ve learnt into practice and learning more from you in the future! – Lamden Studio, Wedding Photographer

Such a good talk, it was so useful pretty much from the start! Thank you – Emma D B Photography

Thanks so much – so lovely to catch up with friends and make new ones. And learning from someone so positive was brilliant! Lots to think about and put in place  – Dunn Crafting, Artificial Flower Florist

Thank you so much for joining us at Wicksteed Park, it was great to meet you 😁Great tips and I look forward to putting these into practice and watching our page grow – Wicksteed Park Events Co-ordinator

Loved your session today! Cant wait to see what all of the group get up to with your tips – KoKo Beauty, Make Up Artist 

Thank you for being our guest speaker in Northampton Komal spoke incredibly highly of you after the session- Wedding Industry Supplier Network

‘Thank you so much for today’s sessions, your help is much appreciated and you explained everything really well.  You have given me so many ideas which will help me build my business and more importantly given me a lot of enthusiasm.’ – Bhavika Lad, Henna Artist – JUNE 2019

Before I started with you I had zero knowledge about FB. The observations you made, changed my FB name for me and encouraged me to have a congruent message across my platforms made perfect sense. Facebook was an unloved pair of new shoes….paid for ( various social media helpers) but gathering dust. From that first post we did together to giving me direction and the guidance needed to understand more. Thanks for your help, I am sure i will return for more of your wisdom and a bit of much needed telling off….but it is all part of the wonderful journey of having your own business. I am getting use to those shoes with a view one day they may be my favourite. Thanks again – Usha Patel, Owner Raviv Practice London – JUNE 2019



Great morning working on my business and building my knowledge – Owner Karen Cureton Social

Thank you to our instructor Renu Ravalia for today’s Instagram Business Workshop & for her expert tuition… – Steve Griffith, Business Owner


You were awesome! Great content and tips. 🔥✨ – Salma Manzoor, Business Owner

Brilliant class, thank you! – Jane Lappage, Owner Calligraphy Arts

Thank you, it was brilliant! – Julia Smith, Business Owner

Thank you for such an amazing workshop. Just what I needed, some strategy and a different approach and guidance. This morning was fab – Owner Nina Mistry Photography

My mind has been racing since I left, I’m feeling really inspired so thank you – Sasha Archer, Owner Sacha Archer Shoes 

Renu’s training style is relaxed and informal and she quickly removed the mystery of using Instagram for me, sharing tips on how to make using Instagram fun. I now feel confident enough plan my Instagram strategy.  Thank you Renu ‘Instagram Queen’ Ravalia. #instagramqueen – Ronnie Harris, Owner VJH Marketing – JULY 2019

‘Once again thank you for all your help, support and advice. I thoroughly enjoyed our 1-1 session and gaining the valuable insights you provided into using social media as a form of building a brand. Especially when you can align on your why I felt you understood clearly what my vision was and I couldn’t fault the delivery of the session in any way.’ – Sobia Mahmood, Life Coach – JULY 2019

‘I just wanted to take the opportunity to say a big thank you for our first social media coaching session. Being active on social media is so important for my business and having you there to guide me through and educate me is invaluable. During our session we implemented a few basic concepts and already I have seen increased traffic to my Instagram page and a higher level of interactivity.

I’m already looking forward to our next session as I can see the value that you can add to my business. I can’t thank Nisha and Chandni enough for recommending your services to me. I too would highly recommend you to anyone who wants to get more out of their social media.’ – Kam Vaghela, Owner Kam Vaghela Wedding Photographer – JULY 2019

‘I have recently had the very enjoyable experience of a one-to-one social media review with Renu. We spent 90 minutes looking at Instagram and 60 minutes on Facebook and it has been invaluable. Renu was thorough and very knowledgable but approached it in such a lovely way that she didn’t make me feel stupid at all, even though there were so many things I didn’t have a clue about! Just a few weeks later I am already seeing a huge difference in the engagement on both feeds and I feel so much more confident that I have even been giving my family tips on their pages! Definitely money well spent.’ – Rebecca Barnes, Owner All Things Harp – JULY 2019

‘Hey Renu just wanted to say a big thank you for the session! It really helped me to understand how social media works and the importance of engaging your followers. You were extremely personable and provided me with lots of examples on how I could improve my content and enhance my portfolio. ❤️ I have already implemented a few of the techniques we went through and can already see a change! 😍😍😍 Thanks for being flexible and working around my schedule it really means a lot! I cannot wait to keep following your tips and tricks to see what new opportunities will come my way! You were amazing Renu and I definitely will be recommending you to many of my friends in the wedding industry!’ – Chandni Limbachia, Owner Make up by Chandni – AUGUST 2019

‘I recently attended an Instagram Growth Workshop with Renu and it was great! Renu was really friendly and helpful, and was more than happy to answer all the questions I had (no matter how big or silly!). I learnt a lot from the session, and I can’t wait to put it all into practice – I’ve fallen in love with Instagram again, thanks to Renu.’ – Hanna, Narborough Hall – Instagram Workshop AttendeeSEPTEMBER 2019