‘I booked a 1:1 Social media coaching session with Renu as we had met within a networking group. Having just launched my company in party planning I needed some solid guidance and advice on how to utilise social media for my business.
Before our session, Renu asked me to email her some of my goals, concerns, and where I would need help. During the session, she had prepared a document for me to take away and went through all my concerns and physically showed me what I needed to do and why it was important for my business. This was very helpful rather than just talking to me.
She took on board all my concerns. Her warm and friendly approach made me feel relaxed enough to be able to be upfront and honest with her.
I came home with a wealth of knowledge I was able to use immediately. She even checked up on me the day before and encouraged me to continue to good work.
I was able to implement the goals she set for me and she made this manageable for me.
She didn’t overload me with information either it was very tailored to my needs. I will definitely be recommending Renu to anyone in need of any Social Media Marketing advice.’ – Hetal Tharanee, Owner, Ruby & Fi – events with style JUNE 2018

‘I can’t recommend Renu highly enough. Personable and full of positivity, Renu provides you with both practical advice and extra nuggets of creative information, to really help you make the most of your businesses social media potential. During the workshop, the session was both relaxed and informative and I came away with a new confidence about what I could achieve. Renu had clearly spent time researching each of our business areas and offered professional guidance tailored to our needs, which was clearly presented and easy to understand.
After the session, we were provided with an in-depth sheet of content from the day and also a content plan, to help you plan your social media activity, great for prioritising and planning your workload while keeping your content relevant. I also asked for additional contact information, which I was sent the following day.
Renu has a great passion and energy for what she does – thank you for sharing that with us.’ – Jane Baker, Owner, Clarendon Design JULY 2018 – WORKSHOP 

‘The workshop was a lovely relaxed atmosphere and it was great connecting with like minded businesses. Thank you Renu, I will most definetly be recommending you in the future and calling upon your expertise again.’ – Karuna Mistry, Arbonne Skincare JULY 2018 – WORKSHOP

‘Having been apart of Renu’s facebook group for the last year or so i saw many of her helpful posts to various members, genuine attempts to arrange free meet ups for the community, and recommendations from others about her 1:1 services. As a result of the positive feedback i thought that id take the plunge and get in contact for some consultancy for my mandir’s social media/digital strategy project.

I was impressed by the level of customer service that she demonstrated (and still does) as well as the recommendations for my facebook strategy and social media campaign. It was great to know that she asked many important pre requisite questions (my aims/objectives) before we met and did some prep work  prior to meeting in person.

As a result, Renu understood the importance of identifying the exact value that I was trying to create and hence provided a tailored service. I was able to have a meaningful conversation and implement relevant pointers during our session which is something hard to come by these days especially within a short space of time.

In particular I was impressed by her ‘outsiders’ view approach of my organisation/current social media content and her advice on customer/viewer perception which is a rare skill to come by (especially when you are close to the daily detail).

If your business in still growing and needs some direction/guidance then its definitely worthwhile utilisng Renu’s professional expertise.’ – Amit Rana, ISKCON Representative, College of Vedic Studies JULY 2018

‘It was a great pleasure to meet Renu today, on my 1:1 marketing meeting.  Prior to the meeting Renu was very pro-active in sending me some questions regarding to my new business idea, what sort of marketing help and support i required, so she could plan the meeting and have the appropriate information.  Renu came back with some very useful hints and tips, showed me what I needed to do and explaining how it would be beneficial for my business.
During the meeting I found Renu very understanding and approachable, made me feel at ease and I felt with her kind personality I was not afraid to ask her any questions.  I felt a lot more confident in myself as I really want my business to work, but my biggest weakness is marketing!  But now with the help and support of Renu I feel I have a mentor behind me, can contact Renu anytime and book more sessions to take me to the next level.
I will highly recommend Renu, who needs the help and support of any social media marketing advice.’ – Bhavna Parmar, Owner, Spicy Masterclass AUGUST 2018

‘We have just recently launched our new venture and were looking for a way to expand our social media knowledge. Renu was organised and very efficient in planning our session and catered this specifically for our business and industry. She has really given us food for thought and provided us with a good plan for using social media as a tool for growth. Providing a survey beforehand, we were able to identify our challenges making our session a lot more productive. The session was very insightful and Renu’s expertise really stood out to make it a great value add session. It was great working with Renu, and we will certainly be booking in some more sessions throughout our journey. Thanks for your hard work Renu!’ – Henna Patel, Owner Baby Clothes Direct SEPTEMBER 2018

‘My 1:1 session with Renu about our social media marketing was extremely useful.Renu sent over some pre-meeting questions to get an understanding of our business and what we need support with in relation to social media marketing.The session was really focussed on the areas identified prior to the meeting. Renu provided lots of useful suggestions and guidance relating to different aspects. She followed up with a detailed action plan which we discussed during the meeting. Renu is friendly and approachable and I would highly recommend Renu to anyone who wants help and advice in this area to grow their business.’ – Tasneem Ibrahim, Coffee Ethic SEPTMEBER 2018

‘You were very open to give us all information to progress our business and give lots of tips. We felt that Renu was very honest and open to guide you to take your business further. It was group of 6 people but felt like 1:1’ – Mauli Shah, Indian Mart SEPTEMBER 2018 – WORKSHOP

‘It was incredibly informative, but with a comfortable, casual air that made everything accessible and relatable. Charming, informative and exceedingly friendly. I had a lot of fun at the session, and I’ll make sure to reccomend you to anyone I can!’ – Samuel McQuail SEPTEMBER 2018 – WORKSHOP

‘Having Renu work with us on our digital marketing plan has been incredible. From making our existing email chains more concise to helping us create more engaging content for social media, Renu has helped us overhaul and improve our digital image – all of which will come together to help us raise more funds and have a bigger impact in Uganda.’ – Andy King, East African Playgrounds Charity SEPTEMBER 2018 – DIGITAL MARKETING CONSULTANCY 

‘I had a session with Renu last month. I was doing social media everyday, but not using it to the whole advantage (since I didn’t know what I was doing!)

Renu was very professional, and had researched my business, and had comparisons for me to look at. She told me where I could improve, and since doing her course, I’ve had 2 strangers become clients, and my following is going up rapidly everyday. (I used to get lots of follow/unfollows, and now it’s genuine!)
Definitely worth having a session with her.’ – Valerie Sheldon, Essential Oils Lady UK, Young Living Essential Oil Consultant OCTOBER 2018

‘I found the 1:1 session really helpful, it gave me much needed clarity, motivation and a plan of action going forwards.  There is so much to do when running your own business, Renu really helped me to prioritise what to focus on.  Thanks so much will definitely be recommending your sessions to others.’ – Anila Ahmed, Founder Hiba & Co, OCTOBER 2018

‘As a start-up business on a tight budget, I couldn’t afford to hire a social media marketing manager to look after my businesses Facebook and Instagram account so I did all the work myself but I came to a roadblock when I ran out of ideas and without a clear strategy I couldn’t move forward. This all changed after a 1:1 session with Renu. Before I met up with her she ask me to complete a short questionnaire about the business and my goals, this allowed her to tailor the session to the needs of my business. During the session she talked me through all the things I needed to do from the simple talks to the finer details of social media marketing.  She gave me a wealth of knowledge i simply couldn’t have ever known and I now feel more focused and motivated with the action plan she provided to me at the end. Thank you Renu, I will be recommending your service to others’ – Vay Su, Owner Just Nails Direct, November 2018

‘I had a great 1 to 1 coaching session a few weeks ago with Renu. We discussed how to brand myself and how to treat the individual businesses that I am working on. The session helped me to think about my businesses in a different way, making it easier to explain to others what I do. We also discussed how best to use my social media accounts to attract the right kind of people that I am looking to work with. If you are a business owner needing a little but of direction, I would recommend that you speak to Renu sooner rather than later.’ – Viks Patel, Entrepreneur, November 2018

‘After speaking with Renu I had one to session with Renu for advice on how to improve my Instagram. I’m a mum of two who had only ever used Instagram to share pictures with friends and family. So once I had followed all my friends and family I soon realised I had no idea on how to run a business from Instagram.

Having support from a consultant like Renu was something I thought was inaccessible to a small business like me.

However, Renu made the whole potentially daunting experience, so easy. Her communication put me at ease from the moment we first spoke and no question was ever too silly. Her warm personality made me feel relaxed straight away. She showed a great interest in what I do and really understood what my business goals and focus were.

The Zoom app we used to “meet” was perfect for me. It meant I could have a meeting Renu in the comfort of my own home whilst the children were in bed.

Renu’s advice and plan for me is easy to understand ( even for me a casual Instagram user). I’m so excited to excited to implement her suggestions and watch my business grow.

If you’re in doubt as to whether you access support with your social media, just do it. Renu is amazing and would recommend her to anyone’. – Helen Tomlinson, Founder Once Upon a Teepee, Kent, NOVEMBER 2018

‘I have had just a couple of hours training from Renu around enhancing my LinkedIn page and using its features for my business. She was extremely well prepared, very approachable and the session was completely focused on my needs. I am working my way through the document she gave me afterwards giving lots of useful examples for my follow up. I would definitely recommend Renu for the value I have gained.’ – Debra King, Owner, Outsourced HR Consulting – DECEMBER 2018

‘I met with Renu today and found her so inspirational and give me some great tips not just for the business social media but also about her own well being’ – Nicola Robinson, Owner Beaute Skin Clinic – DECEMBER 2018