Bhavna Chauhan, Spicy Masterclass

It was a great pleasure to meet Renu today, on my 1:1 marketing meeting.  Prior to the meeting Renu was very pro-active in sending me some questions regarding to my new business idea, what sort of marketing help and support i required, so she could plan the meeting and have the appropriate information.  Renu came back with some very useful hints and tips, showed me what I needed to do and explaining how it would be beneficial for my business.
During the meeting I found Renu very understanding and approachable, made me feel at ease and I felt with her kind personality I was not afraid to ask her any questions.  I felt a lot more confident in myself as I really want my business to work, but my biggest weakness is marketing!  But now with the help and support of Renu I feel I have a mentor behind me, can contact Renu anytime and book more sessions to take me to the next level.
I will highly recommend Renu, who needs the help and support of any social media marketing advice.