Charity Consultancy: EAP

When I left work in June 2018, the plan was always to dedicate some of my time to doing more charity work, as well as constantly supporting charities, I was also keen to work on offering free Digital Marketing consultancy. So, since the end of July, I have been working with local charity East African Playgrounds, the charity recruit volunteers from the UK who raise money to visit Uganda where they are not only involved in community projects but also have the opportunity to have a life changing experience.

Consultancy with the charity so far has included:

  • Email Marketing Audit – Advising on how to improve content seeing between a 20 -35% increase in open rate
  • Facebook Events Audit – Consulted on how to improve the marketing of events including content inspiration
  • Facebook Volunteer Recruitment Packages – Standardising the process. Advised on creating packages that can be given to universities to encourage sign ups

This work will continue but I am so please to say that the money being saved on paid consultancy has also resulted in the following: 

‘So far, Renu’s gifts in kind have meant we’ve saved enough to train an entire community of teachers and caregivers about the importance of play and play-based education. We’ve worked to improve the quality of teaching, thereby improving opportunities and education for the school. We’ve been able to improve the image of schools and the importance of childhood generally. This has improved school attendance, attainment, and more, all contributing towards giving children their childhoods back through play.’ – Andy King, Partnership Manager, EAP

If you want to learn more about the work I have done. Please see the testimonial from Partnership Manager Andy King from East African Playgrounds below. 

‘Having Renu work with us on our digital marketing plan has been incredible. From making our existing email chains more concise to helping us create more engaging content for social media, Renu has helped us overhaul and improve our digital image – all of which will come together to help us raise more funds and have a bigger impact in Uganda.’