Amit Rana, ISKCON, School of Vedic Studies

Having been apart of Renu’s facebook group for the last year or so i saw many of her helpful posts to various members, genuine attempts to arrange free meet ups for the community, and recommendations from others about her 1:1 services. As a result of the positive feedback i thought that id take the plunge and get in contact for some consultancy for my mandir’s social media/digital strategy project.

I was impressed by the level of customer service that she demonstrated (and still does) as well as the recommendations for my facebook strategy and social media campaign. It was great to know that she asked many important pre requisite questions (my aims/objectives) before we met and did some prep work  prior to meeting in person.

As a result, Renu understood the importance of identifying the exact value that I was trying to create and hence provided a tailored service. I was able to have a meaningful conversation and implement relevant pointers during our session which is something hard to come by these days especially within a short space of time.

In particular I was impressed by her ‘outsiders’ view approach of my organisation/current social media content and her advice on customer/viewer perception which is a rare skill to come by (especially when you are close to the daily detail).

If your business in still growing and needs some direction/guidance then its definitely worthwhile utilisng Renu’s professional expertise.