Marketing Coaching for businesses

Sometimes a business comes to me because they are in a transitional phase, they need some help with their strategy but they also need someone to come in and help them brainstorm ideas, offer suggestions and give them alternative ways of doing their marketing.

The session with Big Fish Tutors was really interesting, limited by time, the established tutor business came to me with lots of goals. Having goals for the session make it much easier for me to tailor it. The session was focussed solely around Facebook, a channel that they know works well for their target audience. These goals included:

  • Improving content on their Facebook – ways of making it more engaging and attractive  
  • Facebook Groups – how to create and grow these
  • Using Facebook as a marketing tool – ways of constantly adding value

The team knew exactly what would work and wouldn’t but they hadn’t thought about the ways in which they could present this, so my role was very much to help them see the strategy from a different perspective. It was to give inspiration and create a plan of action that was manageable, it was also to help them reflect on their current facebook strategy and suggest ways this could be changed.

One of the most interesting things about this session was the realisation that businesses often don’t think about how simple changes to their strategy can make an big impact on their business and it was my job to point these out. Having someone come in and lead the session allowed the team to think outside the box and what was evident was that they knew exactly what kind of content they wanted to create, they just needed a chance to discuss this out loud. Leading such session and showing businesses the vast possibilities is on of the reasons I love my job!

A truly eye opening session for me and the team at Big Fish, here is the feedback I got after the session:

‘I would like to recommend Renu Ravalia. We used her as our stepping stone into Social Media Marketing for our tuition company; to get to grips with what social media is all about and the steps we need to take before outsourcing it to another firm. Very affordable and such a babe.

Renu was really helpful in providing us with an insight into our business from a third person perspective – with a fresh and unbiased vision. She had done thorough research on our company beforehand and made us more self-aware of where our online presence is at the moment and how to develop this in the coming future. Thank you!!!’

About 1:1 Business Consultancy

Each session and content is tailored around the business needs giving a really bespoke service. I cover a number of Digital Marketing services including Social Media, Blog Inspiration, Content Planning and overall Digital Marketing Strategy. All content is received by the business so they can refer back to it at anytime and they are sent a clear action plan to help them prioritise. The sessions have been created to be affordable with maximum value. Whether its a skype call you need or face to face interaction, why not get in touch. Contact me on to find out more.

Digital Marketing Consultancy – FU Media

Once in a while, I am approached by businesses to help them with their Social Media Strategy. At the end of last year it was a local media company.

FU Media got in touch as they were looking at how they could improve their strategy. FU Media run 2 magazines in Birmingham and Leicestershire: DLuxe Magazine & Sixty9 Magazine, both of which are purely print magazines. Founder Kevin was keen to understand more about how the magazines could be taken online and how Social Media could help support its commercial growth.

I sat down with the Digital Marketing team and we started with brainstorming questions to help differentiate the 2 magazines, their audience and their goals, we then explored the following:

–  Ways of improving the content on their Social Media channels
–  How to improve engagement on Social Media
–  Examples of how they can make website and website content more appealing & user friendly
–  How better to use emails post events

A session like this really opens up businesses eyes on how they can move the brand into the online space and acts as a great foundation for building a digital marketing strategy.

This is what Founder, Kevin Urquhart had to say about the session:

We had the pleasure of working with Renu recently when she hosted us for a morning session that looked at our social media strategy and how we can further improve it.

Throughout the entire process, Renu was approachable, interested, engaged and keen to help us create real, impactful changes to our social content and engagement. Her training session was informal, yet packed full of observations (she’d done her homework) and suggestions which we’ve since put into action.

Would I recommend her? Absolutely. I think too many of us are ‘busy’ doing social media, yet few are analysing and planning to maximise each post. I’d suggest you do this now before your competitor has the same ‘lightbulb’ moment.

About 1:1 Business Coaching

Each session and content is tailored around the business needs giving a really bespoke service. I cover a number of Digital Marketing services including Social Media, Blog Inspiration, Content Planning, SEO and Digital Marketing Strategy. All content is received by the business so they can refer back to it at anytime and they are sent a clear action plan to help them prioritise. The sessions have been created to be affordable with maximum value. Whether its a skype call you need or face to face interaction, why not get in touch. Contact me on to find out more.

3 Social Media Content Ideas

When I conduct a session one of the things I always focus on is content ideas, I constantly  find people getting stuck with what to post and my job is to be the fly on the wall and give them some inspiration, I often use themes to base content plans around as I feel this helps give some clear direction.

Here are 3 examples of things you could be posting from my own Instagram account. Follow me here for lots more content inspiration and social media tips – 

  1. ABOUT YOURSELF – whether your a brand or an individual, this is something that helps people to learn more about you!
    Screen Shot 2018-11-21 at 17.36.55
  2. MOTIVATIONAL QUOTES – who doesn’t love a bit of motivation
    Screen Shot 2018-11-21 at 17.47.23.png
  3. EVENTS – If you are attending relevant events then what better place to show case them then on your Social Media 

Screen Shot 2018-11-21 at 17.43.51.png


Social Media Masterclass November

This masterclass is aimed at businesses and entrepreneurs who are responsible for marketing and are looking to take advantage of online marketing to drive  their business forward. The sessions are small and intimate aimed at adding maximum value to each attendee.


This masterclass is aimed at going back to the basics, the 2.5 hour session will focus on the following:

  • Tips on how to grow your business on Facebook & Instagram
  • Content Inspiration
  • Social Media Best Practice (Facebook & Instagram)
  • Content Planning – Time saving tips
  • Any other challenges you have with your individual businesses – to be identified in advance.
  • Q & A session


These sessions aren’t just an opportunity to learn but also a chance to interact with other businesses and make new relationships, so bring your business cards.


The masterclass gives you the chance to understand the social media channels better and the foundations to craft your own action plan for your business that is focused on your objectives.


In this masterclass we will be looking at your brand, the tools that you could be taking advantage of and how best to present your brand online in order for you to raise your profile and attract new clients.


Still not sure if this is for you? Check out testimonials from previous workshops here.


Date: Wednesday 21st November
Time: 6-8:30pm
Cost: £55 pp (If you book by 16th November) £65 after
Location: Clarendon Park, Leicester


To enquire about cost or if you have any further questions, please feel free to email me on or contact me via the contact page here



Let’s talk Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are brilliant, during my 1:1 sessions its something I always suggest using to help grow businesses and also build general brand awareness. They have become relatively more popular in recent years and the managers of these groups are becoming more and more creative in the way they curate posts to ensure they are adding value and helping others, which I totally love. Not using Facebook groups? Here are 3 reason why you should start.

  1. Many groups allow you to do an introduction when you first join which is fantastic for brand awareness. If you follow these groups on a regular basis, they may also share posts that allow you to share your Instagram and Facebook pages, yet again, a great way to build your following, business and grow awareness.
  2. If you’re a start up, new to an industry or just in need of a supplier, groups are a great way to find people and build great relationships!
  3. Another great way to grow your business is to collaborate with others but how do you find people to collaborate with, well via groups of course. I recently saw an amazing suggestion for a review swap and we all know how important good reviews are for your business right?


Content Ideas: Events

Whether you’re attending an event, hosting one or just taking part as a bystander, events act as really great content and should definitely be included as a blog post on your website (as well as stories & posts on your social channels). The easiest way to explain how to do this is by sharing an event I went to myself, hopefully inspiring you to create something similar.

Blog Post: The Body Shop Blogger Event

I set up my Instagram alter ago @thoughtsfashionlifestyle back in 2016 when I lived in London. If I have to be honest, I wanted a place where I could post every aspect of my life including lots of photos of myself (without feeling vain).

As I get closer to leaving my full time job, I am seeking out more and more blogger opportunities so I can grow my following. Yesterday I was invited to my first blogger event in Leicester hosted by The Body Shop aka Highcross_beautybloggers in the Highcross Centre.

The event started at 6pm and on arrival we were given the itinerary for the evening and were invited to explore the store. I haven’t shopped at The Body Shop for many years but was pretty excited by the variety of products they had on offer especially the Ramadan gift sets, its so refreshing to see brands catering for all festivities.

Leiecster Blogger

We were then split into 2 groups and met some of the team who went through new products. The demo started with Drops of Youth range, the formulation is made of three plant stem cells: edelweiss from the Italian Alps, criste marine and sea holly from the Brittany Coast. The combination of creams, washes and lotions has been created to tackle early signs of ageing, which so many of us worry about nowadays.


Then we headed over to the make up area to look at the latest products in the world of Body Shop Make up. I particularly loved the face mists available in four different yummy flavours. The Honey Bronze Drops of Sun also really caught my eye, I love the idea of being able to bled your moisturiser with these drops to maintain a holiday glow (even when its mid winter).

Face Mist

The final demo was of the new Body Yogurts, fast absorbing and suitable for all skin types with a really nice texture, and can be applied straight on to damp skin and apparently lasts 48 hours!


Overall, a lovely evening and a great chance to sample some new products, get some beauty and skincare advice, meet some fellow Leicester influencers and I even left with a personalised goody bag. Win Win is what I say! Thanks Body Shop Leicester, look forward to lots more of events!


Interested in getting more Content Ideas for your blog? Read my post: 5 Things you didn’t know…