Tips for shifting your mindset when using social media

Part of the mentoring I do with clients involves improving and managing their relationship with social media as well as shifting their mindset, this includes setting boundaries, being more aware of their activity and also realising things that trigger them so they can limit the effects.

3 simple mindset shifts to help you stay on Social Media

Being someone who is really passionate about mindset, I wanted to share some mindset tips to help you change the way you think about social media and hopefully encourage you to have a better relationship so you can continue posting and growing as opposed to avoiding it which I see many people doing!

  1. When you share a post and it doesn’t result in many likes
    Remember likes on a post do not determine how much are liked, it is not a reflection of you as a person and should not be taken personally. The algorithms have a lot to do with this and that you can’t control!
  2. When you get tempted to look at competitors
    Remember constantly looking at what others are doing will not get you to your end goal neither will always getting in someone else’s lane and copying what others do. A runner does not look at their component will running because they know it will slow them down – use this analogy to help you.
  3. When you struggle with confidence when it comes to sharing a personal post
    You are doing it for your business, not for yourself. This is when you need to separate yourself from the business. If stepping outside your comfort zone means you will get more sales, isn’t it worth it?

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