Lets chat! No matter what you budget is and whatever area/s you need a little help with, get in touch and we can make a plan together. The initial conversation will have absolutely no obligation to commit, so what do you have to loose? Contact me on for more information.

Type of help

1:1 Coaching & Group Workshops
I am all about empowering others so if you want to manage your own Social Media & Marketing but need some help learning, then I would be happy to do 1:1 coaching or group workshops to facilitate your journey.

Digital Marketing Consultancy
You need a strategy but just want some help setting goals, brainstorming ideas and creating plans, that’s fine, let’s do it together. It could be one session or over a number of sessions, all based on what you want to achieve at the end.

Social Media Planning
Although it is an essential part of every business plan and is guaranteed to contribute to your growth, it can also be time consuming if you don’t know what you are doing. I have 9 years experience in Social Media Management and can offer you some help and guidance on how to put together and execute a plan including tips on how to grow tour channels.

Areas of expertise

Social Media
Getting it right on social takes time, it’s not just about putting posts up and waiting for the results. I have worked with a number of brands specialising just on building their social following, as well as creating calendars. The channels I have worked on are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Instagram. 

Content Inspiration – Blog & Social Media
Creating inspiring and valuable content will really help your business grow, so whether its a blog or your Social Media that you need some help with, I can help. I have been creating blog posts for brands for more than 9 years. Let me help you find creative ways to help impress your audience via your blog.

Blogger/Influencer Events
If you are a retail business and are keen to get some coverage for your business, doing a blogger event is a great way to get brand awareness and some valuable link backs to your website. Being a blogger myself and having access to a number of local bloggers, I can help organise this from start to finish.


  1. Hello, I would like more information. I am a “new” personal brand. In the process of rebranding essentially. I am a former collegiate and professional basketball player and want to rebrand myself as a public speaker and an influencer of having a vision for oneself (specifically woman ) I am looking for a content strategist and a great market strategy. My social media handle on IG is MorganJones_MJ. I am doing the work gathering testimonials , shots of me speaking but need assistance making it clear to my audience what I am doing and how to purchase what I am doing!

    Thank you for reading and I look forward to speaking with you.

    (Please include pricing )


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