Lets chat! No matter what you budget is and whatever area/s you need a little help with, get in touch and we can make a plan together. The initial conversation will have absolutely no obligation to commit, so what do you have to loose?

What areas can I help in?

Marketing Strategy
Having a content strategy will allow you to give a bit of direction to your digital marketing activities. I  have worked with various brands to help create a strategy that suits their specific marketing needs and I can help you with yours.

Blog Writing 
As you may know, content is king and needs to be published on a regular basis. However, it can also be very time consuming, so if its content you need for your blog, I can help produce creative content that’s not only relevant to your industry but also SEO friendly. 

Social Media
Getting it right on social takes planning, it’s not just about putting posts up and waiting for the results. I have worked with a number of brands specialising just on building their social following, as well as creating calendars. The channels I have worked on are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Instagram. 

Website Maintenance
It’s important to keep your website up to date but it can be really time consuming. I have been maintaining websites since the beginning of my career. This can be anything from SEO, imagery resizing to writing content for products and projects.

Blogger Events
If you are a retail business and are keen to get some coverage for your business, doing a blogger event is a great way to get brand awareness and some valuable link backs to your website. Being a blogger myself and having access to a number of local bloggers, I can help organise this from start to finish.


What will this help look like?

1:1 Coaching & Group Workshops
I am all about empowering others so if you want to manage your own digital strategy but need some help learning, then I would be happy to do 1:1 coaching or group workshops to facilitate your journey.

You just want some help setting goals, brainstorming ideas and creating plans, that’s fine, let’s do it together. It could be one session or over a number of sessions, all based on what you want to achieve at the end.

Although it is an essential part of every business plan and is guaranteed to contribute to your growth, it is also very time consuming and not everyone has the time for Marketing. So we can create a plan together and then all you have to do is pass over the reigns to me and I will manage the marketing for you.

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