Coaching Workshop: Creating authentic & soul centred social media content

One of the biggest challenges personal brands face with Social Media is to do with creating content that will attract their ideal client

There couldn’t be a better time to transform the way you market yourself. Sharing your authentic voice, being more real, open and honest will generate clients who you love working with. 

In order to connect with others and find clients who align, you first need to connect with yourself, this involves building strong foundations by understanding some basics funatmentals about YOU!

If you are someone who has a real passion for what you do but find it hard to get your perfect clients, it is probably because you need to do a bit more work and get some clarity. 

This coaching workshop is here to help you do just that! Remember everything starts with you!


I will guide you through this journey. Join me for this special coaching workshop where you will:

– Be supported to delve into your deep WHY 

– Get clearer on your personal values and what is important to you and your brands growth

– Understand what kind of content inspires you and why

– Create a selection of template posts that reflect your brands unique voice 


If you like the sound of this but not sure if it is for you, see if you can relate to any of these: 

– When I read a post, I don’t feel it shares my passion

– I don’t have much valuable engagement – Likes, Comments, DMs

– I want to sound more authentic but I don’t know how too 

– I struggle to connect with my ideal customer

– I want to grow fans of my work who convert into clients

NB: It is catered towards people who run personal brands including coaches, mentors and bloggers or any brand that speaks in their own voice. 


Date: Wednesday 20th August
Time: 6-7:30pm
Cost: £99.58

Payment via PayPal OR email for alternative payment methods

Please note price will increase to £125.63 on Wednesday 12th August

This workshop takes place via Zoom and will include pre coaching homework.

You will receive a link to the workshop and your complulsory homework tasks in advance. 

Due to the coaching style, there are limited spaces available.