My first Mindset & Growth project for women who want to make a change

The passion behind the project

I first started working with women in the mindset space in January, this was after spending a lot of time working on my own mindset – I saw the benefits and really wanted to raise the awareness. I still work on a 1:1 basis but I wanted to be able to help more women who needed the support.

In response to this need, I launched The Grow Me Project, a members club to encourage personal, spiritual and emotional growth. This project offers workshops, coaching, accountability and a community of inspiring like minded women. The reason I am so passionate about this is because it is something I wish I had when I was feeling the most lost and disconnected.

If you are someone who feels they need a safe space to grow, nourish and find their way, this could just be the place for you. I can’t wait to continually show up and share more about my story and learnings. Below is a little promo video and just follow the link to learn more. The club doors are open till September.