INSTAGRAM’s Latest updates in direct response to covid-19

I am always really excited to see new updates from Instagram. There were 3 updates recently launched and I think this is just the beginning, these are a direct result of COVID-19 and will only help to make Instagram and even stronger social media channel for marketing your brands:

  1. New shop feature to help small businesses sell

    This has been in the pipeline for ages or at least I believe it has! We know how important small businesses are to Facebook, not long ago they added a support small business sticker in stories and it was only a matter of time before this got rolled out. So, you can now sell products through Instagram (and Facebook) direct, so small businesses can build an online store. With shops being highly customisable, it means the social media online shopping experience can better match that of the offline one which is a massive game changer for the future of e-commerce.
  2. Lives can now be shared to your feed

    This is the one I am personally most excited about, there has been a 70% increase Lives since the pandemic started, your would have noticed this in the story area, everyone is jumping on it and why not!! Previously, a LIVE sat in your stories and only lasted 24 hours, this new update means you can now either Save the LIVE as well as send it straight to your IGTV. If you are ever stuck with content for IGTV, this is a great way to get more people visiting your channel.

    Additionally you will be able to watch and comment on LIVES from your desktop!

  3. Instagrams new Guide Feature

    This is a brand new way to share curated content. The guides will provide resources for people who are struggling with COVID-19 and therefore will initially only be available to those in the wellness space as welll as expert organisations and creators. You can see examples of guides by visiting Heads Together UK here.

Get questions about Instagram or any other Social Media channels? I will be going LIVE on Instagram doing another Q & A Session on Friday 5th June. You can send your questions to me directly via DM by visiting my Instagram here.

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