Instagram for Business Basics

Using Instagram for business

You’ve been posting on your personal account for ages so you are pretty confident that you know everything about Instagram for business right? Well, things are constantly changing, so it is good to just refresh your mind every now and then.

In the past I would assume people know the basics but over time I have realised Instagram blew up so quickly and continues to make updates, perhaps not everyone does know the basics, so this is how I always begin any mentoring or workshops.

5 things to remember

Instagram Images should be square

I usually size my images at 700 x 700 pxls. If you do not use square images (Yes I know IG have the option to narrow your images), when people look at your feed, the image will be cropped – personally I find this looks really unprofessional so always keep it square!

Direct links don’t work on Instagram

The reason people say ‘LINK IN BIO’ is because putting a direct link in a caption doesn’t work. I am always seeing people make this mistake, what you need to be doing is directing people to look at the website section in your bio.

Use your Bio to promote your business

Your bio has 150 characters but still people don’t really use it to promote themselves. This is the first thing people will see when they land on your profile so don’t be scared to use all the characters and another *TOP TIP* Add a few emojis to make it a little more fun

Work with your captions

You have maximum 2200 characters to play with, this includes hashtags, spaces and line breaks. The most important part of the caption is the first line which has 125 characters, after this the ‘More’ field will appear. (Want more help with captions, visit my Blog Post here)

Carousel Images on Instagram

You can share up to 10 carousel images on your feed. *TOP TIP* I recommend giving a CTA (call to action) in your caption so people know there is more to see.

More Help

For more Instagram inspiration including tips and videos, head to my profile @iamrenuravalia. If you are a small business and need some help with your Instagram, get in touch by emailing me on or book a FREE 30 mins call here.

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