Instagram Captions – writing captions that stand out

How did last years algorithm effect your posts?

Last year, the Instagram algorithm changed so the posts that show up on your feed are determined by what posts and accounts are engaged with the most as well as other factors like timelessness of posts and how often you use Instagram.

Why is your personal feed important?

Now the reason why I do still consider my feed important is because I see this as the front window of my brand, it is where I can showcase everything that I do. When someone comes to my profile, they may not go straight to my stories or my IGTV but they will probably take a look at my feed so its important to think about what you are posting and think about the messages you are sharing.

How can you help your posts stand out in other peoples feed?

So what can you do to help get your posts some attention on other peoples feed? A lot of people may not realise but when you share a post, it is only the first 20 words that people see when they flick through the feed, so my tip is to make this impactful. How can you do this? Ask questions, use quotes but try to use this as an opportunity to get your audiences attention. Still not making sense.


Below I have shared a few examples of brands Sorrel & Grace and Unity Workspace who have done this well and really utilising the first 20 words that can be seen by other people when they flick through their feed.

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