Improving your content on your Instagram feed

There is so much competition out there so it’s so easy to get lost online but what you really need to be doing is showcasing your brand in your own unique way so people follow YOU for YOU and this comes down to being authentic and be clear on your messaging, I have already spoken about Authentic Marketing (Visit this post to watch the Video) but how do you make your content stand out? Not sure what I mean?

Below is a Before (Left) and After (Right) Instagram Feed from a client I recently finished working with, which feed is more approachable and which looks more thought through?

So how can you create a feed like this? Ask yourself the following…

  • Think about how you want your content to be received by your customer.
    I always describe your feed as the front window of your brand. Bearing this I mind, it’s worth asking yourself what defines your brand. What kind of messages do you want your brand to send out to people.

    How do I do this? Sit down and do a little brainstorm and get clear on the main messages.
  • Think about how you want to connect with your customer
    Is your brand about inspiring others? Is it about being positive? Is it about about being happy? What kind of emotions do you want them to feel? This will really help you to find the right images to represent your brand.

    How do I do this? Pick out 4 emotions that best describe how you want your customer to feel and create a mini vision board (this could be done on Pinterest) to get more clarity around this.

Getting more help…

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