Guest Post: 3 tips to improve the quality of your social media photos

Social Media Photo tips

The quality of social media photos your share are so important. People often forget that Instagram in particular is a image led platform, although I love taking the odd selfie, I am no expert. So I invited photographer Deepa Rodrigues to share some tips.

I will be sharing guest posts over the coming months to help in the social media, business and mindset space. If there are any particular areas you feel you need help in, drop me an email at

About the expert

Branding & Family photographer Deepa Rodrigues has been wowing business women and parents with her photography skills since 2017. Here are her top tips for taking social media photos on your phone, something we all need to know how to do if we want to see growth on our channels.

TIP 1 – Look for natural light ideally from a large window source

Personal Photos
Stand either facing the window or to the side of the window/light. This way your props and your key product will have more dimension to them. If you shoot with your back to the window/light, you will find your image looks really flat or will have a shadow.

Product Photos
Look around your home for spots with natural light and place your products or subjects in different areas to take test shots to find the perfect place to consistently photograph. 

Times of the day will impact your source of light. My preference is to work in the mornings or late afternoons to avoid strong light and harsh shadows falling across my subjects’ faces.

Tip 2 – Consider the position of the camera

Before you even think about how you should be posing, think about where you place the camera in relation to you. 

Place the camera in line with or slightly above eye height as looking up will elongate the neck and jawline and will ultimately give you a more flattering photo.

Not too high or your head will look disproportionate to your body.

Position camera for Social Media Photos

Tip 3 – Think about composition

Rule of thirds – use the grid that splits your screen into 9 squares to help align your photo.

Think about composition for social media photos
  • Put your subject off centre to provide more visual interest. 
  • Use the grid function on your camera to help you define where your key product should be placed.
  • Position your subject on both a horizontal and vertical third line to draw your eyes to it.

I really hope these help. If you still need some guidance, check me out on Instagram @deeparodriguesphotograhy

Deepa xxx

If you’re interested in a personal branding shoot please get in touch for a chat. You can email Deepa on or go and check out her work by visiting her website

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