Guest Post: How having an abundance mIndset can help grow your business

I believe strongly that we all have a purpose, if we didn’t have one, we wouldn’t be here. I also believe it is our job to work on finding out what this purpose is. It helps to get help and support along the way. I can’t say I know everything about the mindset aspect but what I can do is find experts who can help you.

About the expert

This month’s Guest Blog Post is about something you might not know of – Abundant Mindset. I invited expert Sruti Kanabar to tell us more about this. Sruti is a certified life coach and the Founder of Purposefully Coaching, supporting women with Reinvention, Resilience and Reconnecting to their purpose in life.

I will be sharing guest posts over the coming months to help in the social media, business and mindset space. If there are any particular areas you feel you can help in as an expert, drop me an email at

What is an abundant mindset

Having an abundant mindset means knowing there are always opportunities to support your growth and success.

3 ways an abundant mindset can help you grow your business

Be Flexible

You need to understand that you can ask the universe for what you want though you must be flexible with how it will exactly happen and make sure you keep on taking purposeful and imperfect action.

Be aware of the Negative what if’s

Be aware of the negative ‘what if’s’ and imagine positive ‘what if’ scenarios as well. We make the mistake of asking for what we want then creating our own resistance by catastrophising in our mind. We have the ability to attract things and reject them!

Let go of competition and comparison

Another aspect is letting go of the negative side of competition and comparison. There is always enough for everyone though when we lack confidence and feel insecure in who are, we tend to compare our success to another’s. Having an abundant mindset helps you to support others wholeheartedly and ask for guidance and mentorship when required. A thriving business is built on positive and great relationships!

I hope this helps you, if you are someone who wants to learn how to adopt this mindset in order to grow your business, you can find me on Instagram @purposefullycoaching

Sruti xxx

You can learn more about Sruti’s personal journey by visiting her website or emailing her on

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