Advice to help your body, mind and soul during the coronavirus panic


It feels like the repercussions of the Coronavirus have escalated really fast here in the UK and I am feeling the panic, worry, fear and general confusion everywhere, so I thought it would be helpful to share some tips to help you remain calm and composed whether you work for yourself or if you are working for a business. These cover your Mind, Body & Soul and each tip are things I use for my personal wellbeing as I would never share things that have not been tried and tested.

For you soul: Meditate & Get out of your head

Always my go to when I need to refocus. Meditation doesn’t have to be about sitting still and trying to switch off, it can even include doing something fun like incorporating colouring or cooking in to your daily routine. The idea is to get out of your head, the reason guided meditations are popular is because they encourage you to focus on your breathe and I find just having someone else guide you by talking really helps me. There are lots or resources out there but if you are looking for something specifically related to ‘Protection from the outside world’, give this one a go.

Protection from the outside world Meditation

For your mind: Limit the amount you read/watch

There is so much information out there via social media especially and not everything is necessary for you to pay attention to, if anything, some things will trigger you and might even make you feel anxious. This situation is out of our control but we still have a choice of what we expose our minds to, so choose what you decide to read/watch or listen too. The only information I am interested in, is that which comes from the government. If things are affecting you, kindly ask people not to share information with you. This is the time to take care of yourself and your own mental health.

For your body: Keep moving

I love to go for walks, parks and nature have a real way of making me feel calm and balanced. If you aren’t a walking person or don’t feel comfortable leaving the house, there are lots of free resources out there online. I really like the IGTV videos from Pilates at your Desk. You can find the video on Instagram here. There are also lots of videos if you search on Youtube.

More help

Head to my Free Resources section here to get lots of other resources that might help you during this time or drop me an email with any questions to

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