4 Business Tips every entrepreneur should learn

A few weeks ago, I took to the road to attend an event in Loughborough hosted by the Leicestershire & Rutland Property & Lifestyle magazine The Whistle. The talk was centred around ‘Building a brand in a Social World’ and featured three entrepreneurs talking about their brands: Made in Chelsea celebrity Jamie Laing & his business partner Ed Williams discussing their confectionary brand Candy Kittens. Owner of local Leicester based clothing brand Just Hype Liam Green & Peter Watson, public speaker & owner of Digital Marketing Agency Distract.

When I lived in London, I rarely attended events like this but since working for myself, they drive me and inspire me, so I am always excited to see what advice I can get from other entrepreneurs. The event was brilliant and very insightful (it also included free Pizza & drinks) and left me with quite a bit of food for thought (Literally). Although I can’t recreate every aspect of the fantastic event, I did want to share a few business tips from the evening with you all. So here goes…

‘Keep lots of lists’ – Liam Green

When Just Hype owner was asked how he manages his time, his advice was to keep lots of lists. It sounds pretty simple but when you are running your own business, everything becomes a priority so its important to keep lists to avoid getting overwhelmed.

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‘Talk about what you are going to do because people will slowly understand your brand’ – Jamie Laing

Before Candy Kittens launched, Jamie had already visualised where the brand would go and was talking about it like it already existed. The more you talk about your brand, the more people will be able to connect to it and understand it. I have realised this through personal experience too, it’s ultimately about believing in the brand.

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‘If you help someone, they will buy from you. If you sell to them, they will ignore you’ – Peter Watson

It was Peter Watson from Distract that said this and what this really comes down to is adding value. If you can include helping in your business strategy, the likelihood is, you will remembered, appreciated and are more likely to be recommended which in the long run will lead to sales and of course positive business growth.

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‘Attention to detail. Make the brand stand out’ – Ed Williams

‘Think big. Persistency is key’ – Edward Williams

Candy Kittens was created to challenge the big brands in the confectionary world. Gourmet sweets made with quality ingredients in beautiful packaging. Neither Jamie nor Edward were put off by the competition.

The above two business tips were mentioned by Edward Williams and having my own business, I think they are essential to remember. If you can do something better than the others and you are confident in your abilities, then there is no competition and success is inevitable, just make sure you pay attention to detail and think big!

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Grow your Business with Social Media

My Leicester based workshops are aimed at small businesses and entrepreneurs who are responsible for marketing and are looking to take advantage of online marketing to drive  their business forward.


I know how overwhelming it can be, there is a lot of information out there, so during the workshop,  I focus on 5 key areas which I have identified as the biggest challenges small businesses face, these are:

  • Growing Following
  • Content Inspiration (Industry specific)
  • Content Planning
  • Social Media Best Practice (Facebook & Instagram)
  • Branding Advice


These sessions aren’t just an opportunity to learn but also a chance to interact with other businesses and make meaningful relationships.


The workshop gives you the foundations to craft your own action plan for your business that is focused on your objectives.



In this workshop we will be looking at your brand, the tools that you could be taking advantage of and how best to present your brand online in order for you to raise your profile and attract new clients.


To enquire or if you have any further questions, please feel free to email me on Renuravalia@gmail.com or contact me via the contact page here


Social Media Workshop Leicester

Branding: Create a brand you love

Being a Digital Marekteer and specialising in content,  getting the content ready for my website was the most important task on my to do list when I made the decision to hand in my resignation and start planning my departure from the company I worked for.

What I hadn’t thought too much about was how I would brand the website, I knew I wanted it to be personable just like me and I had been toying with the idea of disassociating myself from my brand although, in haste, I had already bought a domain name that used my own name. As I started to build my website, I was really uninspired by what I created and the stock images just weren’t doing me justice however on the flip side I had also hit a brick wall from the brand perspective because I just couldn’t think of a name I loved. Love is very importantly to me in every aspect of my life, you are most passionate about the things you love and I knew I had to create a brand that reflected this. So how did I make my final decision about what you see now?

Well, being an Instagram Blogger (@thoughtsfashionlifestyle) has opened up lots of exciting opportunities and I was blessed to have been offered one by Leicestershire based Blogger & Creatives Photographer Kirstie Marie of KM Photographic. A photography session chosen at a location of my choice on a topic unique to me, the decision was easy, this would be a shoot of me at a relaxed cafe doing what I love. The cafe of choice was the beautiful Prana Cafe  in Leicester City Centre with its high ceilings and ornate decor and the images would complete my website.

Although you would have seen most of the photos taken on the day, I saved one to share with you here

…A Few Thank Yous

It was a massive blessing to have been given this opportunity and a big big thank you goes out to Prana Cafe for allowing me to use the stunning location (I also had the most amazing Walnut Cake and Chai Latte) and Thank you to Kirstie from KM Photographic who captured the mood so well and helped me create a brand that I really love.

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