Social Media Work(Fun)shop

Last week I hosted my first Social Media Workshop in Leicester, to be honest, it was more like a Funshop as it really didn’t feel like work and I got the impression everyone who attended felt the same. The feedback was really positive with everyone commenting on how they found it very positive and beneficial to their business (Testimonials to follow).

The Attendees 

The attendees of this intimate session, came from a variety of businesses from different industries. This included:

  • Food – A manager from a local Leicester based pub
  • Design – The owner of a Wedding Stationary Company
  • Beauty – A beauty and skin care brand owner
  • Property – The owner of a property inventory business
  • Wedding – A wedding florist

The Workshop Content 

The relaxed and interactive workshop covered various topics all based on the businesses individual needs, this included:

  • Social Media Best Practice – What are the best channels for your business. How often should you be posting. What shouldn’t you be doing on Social Media.
  • Content Planning – How can you save time planning your social media activity. How can you stop feeling overwhelmed by Social Media.
  • How to grow your following – What techniques could you be adopting to grow your following organically.
  • Content Inspiration – Inspiration for your business on what you could be posting across your channels.

Bespoke Social Media Workshops in Leicester 

Each workshop is targeted specifically at small businesses and independents who want to grow their brand. The content is written based on the businesses needs so each course outline will vary depending on the group. Following the session, each person gets an email consultation specific to their business. The sessions are small and intimate with a maximum of 6 businesses attending to ensure maximum value. As budgets can be tight, the sessions are set at an affordable price.

The next workshop will take place in Leicester on Wednesday 1st August. The 2 hour session will be from 6:30 – 8:30.  There will be an early bird discount for people who book before 25th July. To book your place or find out more contact me on: 

3 things that supported my journey from employed to self-employed

It’s been two weeks since I officially became self employed following my passion to help small businesses and independent business owners grow online, however the intention has been with me for some time. My goals for 2018 involved two things, self development and business and everything I have been doing this year has focussed around these. It takes a strong mind and a lot of courage to take a leap from employment to self employment, the look on some peoples faces when I told them I was leaving my comfortable job to work for myself was a real picture, in fact it wish I could have framed it for motivation, actually very few people could understand why I would want to take such a ‘risky’ jump. Being aware of peoples reservations, working on my mindset became even more of a necessity to me, so I started reading books, watching videos and basically psyching myself up, I guess kind of preparing myself for the shift. There have been some things that have really helped me on my journey, here I share 3 of them, if your contemplating taking the leap, I hope they’ll help you too.

1.Mindset Coaching with Uma Kangai

Other people affect us a lot, they question us and make us think like something isn’t possible (even when you know deep down it is), so I started working with a coach, regular sessions that dealt with all my fears and anxieties about leaving the ‘safe’ place, encouragement to journal, delve deeper and mainly shift my mindset. Having a coach for support when you are about to go through a major change in your life is massively important and really helps you to stop getting in your own way. My coach is actually based in Bali which is even more inspiring.

2. Books – The Go Giver & The Universe has your back

There are 2 books that have really given me clarity during this period. The first is called ‘The Go Giver’ by Bob Burg & John David Mann – a great book about a man who craves success and goes on a journey guided by short lessons that help open him up to the power of giving. This book was actually given to me by a friend 2 years ago, I believe this was part of his ‘Go Giving’. The second book is called ‘The Universe has your back” by Gabby Bernstein (New York Times Bestselling author), this book has literally become by bible teaching me to trust, believe, let go and have faith.

3.  Carrie Green – Programming your mind for success

I started the year watching a lot of motivational videos which was great for me as it really helped me to get pumped about leaving my job, its actually just what I needed. I also really enjoy watching Ted Talks, I even said that one day, I would love to speak at one myself #watchthisspace The below talk is by Carrie Green (Founder of the Female Entrepreneur Association), the talk hit such a chord that I bought her book (She means business) and although I haven’t yet read it, buying the book meant you could also sign up for a really resourceful Facebook Group which has added a lot of value to me. You can find the video below.


The Timber Festival

If you’ve been following my Content Ideas articles, you would have read lots of examples of how you can create fun and interesting blog content for your website. When your writing your content, its really good to throw in lots of photos, I often talk about the importance of story telling when I speak to clients and my recent trip to the Timber Festival is a great example of how you can do this especially if you attending events that you intend to share on your blogs.

Blog Post: The Timber Festival

On Sunday 8th July, I put on my festival attire and headed off to Feanedock, the 70 acre woodland located in the heart of the National Forest, bordering Derbeyshire and Leicestershire. Why I hear you ask? For the first ever Timber Festival, an extraordinary 3 day camping (and daytime) festival designed to explore the transformative impact of forests through a selection of music, art and philosophy organised by The National Forest in collaboration with Wild Rumpus.

I had chosen not to do a lot of research around the event, keen to keep an open mind and explore what was on offer and there was A LOT on offer! The vast woodland was split into 11 different spaces each with its own name and array of activities.


First stop – The Common. The Common consisted of interactive workshops and demos from wood carving to a fire masterclass and create your own butterfly, which of course completely appealed to me.


Next was Shivelight, being a scorching 30 Degrees, we were extremely relieved to be located in a tent in the shade, having read about this space in the programme and having missed the Laughter Yoga session (very sad about that), I was very excited to be trying out a Mindful Drawing Class. A brief introduction went straight into a 15 minute meditation by artist and well being expert Rachel Howfield Massey, we then went on to draw but this wasn’t any drawing class, it offered a chance to really focus on being mindful of the subject, for all of us, that was a leaf, we held it, stroked it, smelt it and really connected with it before we even started to thinking about drawing it, there was a little more to it but I wouldn’t want to give too much away. I completely loved this session! The technique was something completely original and Rachel was a fantastic teacher, being in nature whilst doing this class made me feel really at one!


The trail to find food led us past the main Nightangale Music Stage which had pretty much back to back performances all day. Then onto an outside space for book worms called the Woodland Library where you could bring your own book or borrow one and read while swinging on hammocks in the woods. And finally a chance to be a Timber Festival Tourist.




Then it was time for lunch, I was really impressed by the selection that included lots of meat options as well as vegetarian selections from the likes of Goody Gujurati & the very quirky Cheezy Vinyl .


Our Sunday ended in the middle of the forest at The Eyrie Stage with an acoustic from musician Will Killen. The combination of his amazing voice and the beautiful surrounding completely blew me away and was a lovely end to a really nice day.


I think what surprised me the most about the festival is how much there was to see and do, not just for adults but for children. Coming from London, I am always looking for new and exciting ways to keep occupied. I have never felt so at one with nature as I did during the festival and I don’t think visiting the forest is something I would have necessarily done is it wasn’t for the Timber Festival, so I am very grateful to have been able to go. I do wish I had more time to explore, sit, absorb and appreciate as well as watch these guys do their walk around the woods, so I definitely recommend camping over the whole weekend!



Branding: Create a brand you love

Being a Digital Marekteer and specialising in content,  getting the content ready for my website was the most important task on my to do list when I made the decision to hand in my resignation and start planning my departure from the company I worked for.

What I hadn’t thought too much about was how I would brand the website, I knew I wanted it to be personable just like me and I had been toying with the idea of disassociating myself from my brand although, in haste, I had already bought a domain name that used my own name. As I started to build my website, I was really uninspired by what I created and the stock images just weren’t doing me justice however on the flip side I had also hit a brick wall from the brand perspective because I just couldn’t think of a name I loved. Love is very importantly to me in every aspect of my life, you are most passionate about the things you love and I knew I had to create a brand that reflected this. So how did I make my final decision about what you see now?

Well, being an Instagram Blogger (@thoughtsfashionlifestyle) has opened up lots of exciting opportunities and I was blessed to have been offered one by Leicestershire based Blogger & Creatives Photographer Kirstie Marie of KM Photographic. A photography session chosen at a location of my choice on a topic unique to me, the decision was easy, this would be a shoot of me at a relaxed cafe doing what I love. The cafe of choice was the beautiful Prana Cafe  in Leicester City Centre with its high ceilings and ornate decor and the images would complete my website.

Although you would have seen most of the photos taken on the day, I saved one to share with you here

…A Few Thank Yous

It was a massive blessing to have been given this opportunity and a big big thank you goes out to Prana Cafe for allowing me to use the stunning location (I also had the most amazing Walnut Cake and Chai Latte) and Thank you to Kirstie from KM Photographic who captured the mood so well and helped me create a brand that I really love.

Renu090618 (6)


Social Media Workshop Leicester

On 12th July, I host my first Social Media Workshop in Leicester. This specialist workshop is aimed at small businesses and independents based in Leicester & East Midlands who want to use social media to help grow their business. I will be sharing a number of tips and tricks based on your growth challenges (To get these I will be sending you a few questions to answer prior to the workshop) trying to help give you a little direction and ensuring you get as much value from the training session as possible. It’s a real passion of mine to see small businesses thrive and this is the main aim of the workshop. If your interested in joining, get in touch by emailing me at:

Alternatively, if your a small business or independent looking for 1:1 Coaching, drop me an email and let me see how I can help you.  Learn more about all the Digital Marketing Services I offer here.

1:1 Coaching: Ruby & Fi, Leiecster

Thursday last week, I conducted my first Social Media Coaching Session with Hetal from Ruby & Fi – Events with Style 

Hetal had a number of challenges she wanted to address including help with content ideas for her blog and rules around posting on Social Media Channels especially Facebook & Instagram. I spent time preparing a handout giving her lots of advice and tips which we worked through, the session was really relaxed and also included a little tutorial on how she could be using more Facebook and Instagram stories to market herself and the business.

You can read her view on the session here

About 1:1 Coaching

Each session and content is tailored around the individuals needs giving a really bespoke service. I cover a number of Digital Marketing services including Social Media, Blog Inspiration, Content Planning, SEO and Marketing Strategy. The initial chat is completely free and the sessions have been created to be affordable with maximum value. Whether its a skype call you need or face to face interaction, an hour you’re looking for or longer, why not get in touch to find out more.

Content Ideas: Events

Whether you’re attending an event, hosting one or just taking part as a bystander, events act as really great content and should definitely be included as a blog post on your website (as well as stories & posts on your social channels). The easiest way to explain how to do this is by sharing an event I went to myself, hopefully inspiring you to create something similar.

Blog Post: The Body Shop Blogger Event

I set up my Instagram alter ago @thoughtsfashionlifestyle back in 2016 when I lived in London. If I have to be honest, I wanted a place where I could post every aspect of my life including lots of photos of myself (without feeling vain).

As I get closer to leaving my full time job, I am seeking out more and more blogger opportunities so I can grow my following. Yesterday I was invited to my first blogger event in Leicester hosted by The Body Shop aka Highcross_beautybloggers in the Highcross Centre.

The event started at 6pm and on arrival we were given the itinerary for the evening and were invited to explore the store. I haven’t shopped at The Body Shop for many years but was pretty excited by the variety of products they had on offer especially the Ramadan gift sets, its so refreshing to see brands catering for all festivities.

Leiecster Blogger

We were then split into 2 groups and met some of the team who went through new products. The demo started with Drops of Youth range, the formulation is made of three plant stem cells: edelweiss from the Italian Alps, criste marine and sea holly from the Brittany Coast. The combination of creams, washes and lotions has been created to tackle early signs of ageing, which so many of us worry about nowadays.


Then we headed over to the make up area to look at the latest products in the world of Body Shop Make up. I particularly loved the face mists available in four different yummy flavours. The Honey Bronze Drops of Sun also really caught my eye, I love the idea of being able to bled your moisturiser with these drops to maintain a holiday glow (even when its mid winter).

Face Mist

The final demo was of the new Body Yogurts, fast absorbing and suitable for all skin types with a really nice texture, and can be applied straight on to damp skin and apparently lasts 48 hours!


Overall, a lovely evening and a great chance to sample some new products, get some beauty and skincare advice, meet some fellow Leicester influencers and I even left with a personalised goody bag. Win Win is what I say! Thanks Body Shop Leicester, look forward to lots more of events!


Interested in getting more Content Ideas for your blog? Read my post: 5 Things you didn’t know…