The Future of SEO Part 1, Guest Post

If I am 100% honest, although I know the basics about SEO, this is not my expertise but I know it is something a lot of my clients ask about, so I got in touch with local Leicester Marketing Agency, Marketing Voice to offer a few tips on the latest SEO developments. I have split this into 2 parts to make it more manageable to understand.

Guest Post by Harmeet Singh, Marketing Voice, Digital Marketing Agency

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a constantly changing challenge. Strategies from SEO companies go out of date within 3 to 4 months. This means that we need to talk about future SEO to stay on top.

Google is powerful and continuously evolving to provide the best user experience for its customers. They have highly intelligent people (and programs) working on complicated algorithms daily. As a result, Google, including other search engines, are constantly changing.

For the given reasons, as an experienced SEO agency in Leicester, we are going to predict the possible future of SEO. We are doing so and sharing the information to provide a fresh perspective on SEO, helping you stay ahead of the game. 

The Past SEO

SEO agencies were once stuffing pages with keywords but those days have gone. Recent Google penalties and the traffic hit on websites suggest that Google are all about up to date searchers now.

The Pay-Off of SEO Effort

Although it is time-consuming, it pays to have an SEO service plan that focuses on finding your best customers. Google wants to play cupid by making the best matches where everyone is happy by coming together. Is it possible to have personalities match?

Google is collecting an inconceivable amount of data about consumers, showing style, habits and personality. So, we would say yes.


The Future SEO – 3 tips 

1) Matching personalities

Matching personalities is where branding counts.

Ensure the tone of your business is clear, so you attract characters who resonate with your ethos, instead of fishing in the open sea.

Over time, SEO is becoming more and more specific and we predict that Google will keep doing so. As a result, you will need to speak the exact language of your market target instead of just selling a product or service.

2) It pays to be the first

Use emerging and trending words to get a head start on future SEO. This is because Google favours the ones who are first and gives them higher credibility.

Consider Airhorse – the first to be Leicester’s Airbnb management. Although the website service was a few months early in terms of market potential, not a lot of SEO work had to be done to rank high when the opportunity came.

3) You are stronger in a gang

Instead of picking random terms, group your SEO terms together and have a conversation about your topics. The days of having 1 keyword per page are numbered.

By providing collective information, It also decreases the number of clicks the consumer has to go through – Google wants to reduce the chance of us getting arthritis!

To be continued…

About Marketing Voice

Marketing Voice, a Digital Marketing Agency in Leicester that specialises in future SEO, CRO, Content Marketing, and much more. Get in touch to here to find out more. 


1:1 Coaching, Young Living

Valerie Sheldon approached me to help her build a strategy that would support her business growth.

We started by going through some all important questions aimed at helping her to create better content for the 2 main channels she focusses on Facebook and Instagram. After going through best practice including do’s and don’ts, we then looked at inspiration and I gave her lots of techniques to help her engage better with her audience as well as ways in which she could be using stories more effectively. We spoke about content planning and finished the session looking  at some really good examples I picked out for her that would inspire her, people in the industry that are doing a really good job!

Here is what she said about the session:

‘I had a session with Renu last month. I was doing social media everyday, but not using it to the whole advantage (since I didn’t know what I was doing!)

Renu was very professional, and had researched my business, and had comparisons for me to look at. She told me where I could improve, and since doing her course, I’ve had 2 strangers become clients, and my following is going up rapidly everyday. (I used to get lots of follow/unfollows, and now it’s genuine!)
Definitely worth having a session with her.’

About 1:1 Coaching

Each session and content is tailored around the individuals needs giving a really bespoke service. I cover a number of Digital Marketing services including Social Media, Blog Inspiration, Content Planning, SEO and Marketing Strategy. The sessions have been created to be affordable with maximum value. Whether its a skype call you need or face to face interaction, why not get in touch to find out more. Content me on to find out more.

New Monthly Feature: #EntrepreneurLife


Starting this month and every month here after I will be featuring one inspirational entrepreneur doing some phenomenal things in their industry.

These are people who decided to leave their full time jobs to follow the #Entrepreneurlife and work for themselves, each story is unique and each story is guaranteed to inspire you and get your mind ticking, we get some tips, challenges and much more…

Visit the #Entrepreneurlife dedicated page and meet November’s entrepreneur.

Social Media Masterclass November

This masterclass is aimed at businesses and entrepreneurs who are responsible for marketing and are looking to take advantage of online marketing to drive  their business forward. The sessions are small and intimate aimed at adding maximum value to each attendee.


This masterclass is aimed at going back to the basics, the 2.5 hour session will focus on the following:

  • Tips on how to grow your business on Facebook & Instagram
  • Content Inspiration
  • Social Media Best Practice (Facebook & Instagram)
  • Content Planning – Time saving tips
  • Any other challenges you have with your individual businesses – to be identified in advance.
  • Q & A session


These sessions aren’t just an opportunity to learn but also a chance to interact with other businesses and make new relationships, so bring your business cards.


The masterclass gives you the chance to understand the social media channels better and the foundations to craft your own action plan for your business that is focused on your objectives.


In this masterclass we will be looking at your brand, the tools that you could be taking advantage of and how best to present your brand online in order for you to raise your profile and attract new clients.


Still not sure if this is for you? Check out testimonials from previous workshops here.


Date: Wednesday 21st November
Time: 6-8:30pm
Cost: £55 pp (If you book by 16th November) £65 after
Location: Clarendon Park, Leicester


To enquire about cost or if you have any further questions, please feel free to email me on or contact me via the contact page here



3 ways to gain following on Instagram

Instagram is THE channel at the moment, it was recently reported it had 300 million monthly active users. To put that figure into context, this was compared to Facebook’s 228 million and Twitter’s 9 million. So basically what I am trying to say is,  it’s the channel you need to be on. Many people I work with come to me with the burning question ‘How do I grow following’ and I spend a lot of time working with them to build a strategy and develop original content ideas.

If this is a question that has been on your lips for a while, there are a few things you can do to help grow the channel which I would like to share with you:

  1. Post Consistently – The best results come from those who post often. Personally, if you can create a strategy that includes unique content, you’ll also be able to stand out of the crowd.
  2. Use quality hashtags – I did a post about hashtags a little while back. It is definitely worth spending some time researching the best hashtags to use. Need to know how and where to use them? Check out my recent article here.
  3. Engage – Engaging with your audience is so important. Engagement is one of the top determinators of whether a post will be showed or not. However, don’t worry, you don’t need to spend hours messaging every follower, simply engage your followers by liking or replying to their comments to your posts.

Need more tips to help grow your Instagram? Get in touch by email at and let’s work together!

How you should be using LinkedIn to grow your business

I can’t tell you how important it is to have an updated LinkedIn profile. So many individuals and small businesses I work with don’t always realise how they can use this channel to grow their business and if that’s you, here are a few ways you can use LinkedIn to grow your business:

  • Write and share articles – If you want your connections to see you as an expert in your area. You can use LinkedIn to showcase your experience by writing valuable articles.
  • Create a great summary – The summary is the first thing your connections will see. This is your main selling tool. Writing a killer summary about yourself will help to sell your skills and allow people to learn more about your business.
  • Join groups – Groups are a great place to share those articles you are writing as well as an opportunity to contribute to conversations relevant to your industry.
  • Link your Blog Posts – If your regularly writing blog posts and posting these on your website, in the experience section, you have the option to link projects. This is a great way to encourage people to see what you are doing.

Let’s Connect

If you want to take a look at my LinkedIn for some inspiration on how to create your profile, feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn here. If you have any questions or require some coaching to help build your own LinkedIn profile. Email me on 

Behind the logo design: Guest Post

I am very excited to announce that I have just finalised my new logo. Created by the talented Jen from Fuzzy Flamingo and based on a design I saw while out in London, I thought it would be really helpful for you to understand more about the process, so I asked her to do a short post about the journey from start to finish…

Guest Post by Jen Parker, Fuzzy Flamingo 

One of the toughest but most important aspects of graphic design is getting inside your client’s head. It is particularly important when it comes to logo design and branding.

There are several ways of approaching this challenge, and at Fuzzy Flamingo I like to start with the all-important initial conversation. Whether this is over a coffee face-to-face, over messages, or over the phone, it is really useful to get an insight into the client’s personality. A bit of social media stalking doesn’t go amiss either, particularly with visual platforms such as Instagram! It might be something simple like a colour preference, for example they might favour a particular colour choice with clothes or with the images they post; or it might be something big, maybe something bordering on obsession. For example, if I were to meet up with myself I wouldn’t be able to miss my love of flamingos, so how could I not include that in my branding?!

The next stage would be to ask more focused questions. Often this is in the form of a questionnaire for my clients, asking questions about passions, colour preference, etc., but also encouraging their eyes to open and look around at different brands and finding what they like or don’t like, not just within their field but elsewhere too. One client sent me a picture of a box of tea and it worked really well for her logo inspiration!

If you are considering a designer for your artwork, particularly when it comes to logo design and branding, then make sure you choose a company that is prepared to get inside your head and get to know you as well as your company, as that way you will get a brand you are happy to showcase and represent in all aspects of your life. You are the best representation of your brand, so ensure your brand is the best representation of you and you’ll be onto a winner.

Need some branding help? Contact Jennifer Parker from Fuzzy Flamingo on

The Unveiling

And here it is, so extremely excited about this new addition to my business.