About Me

So, where to start…

Creative minded. Spiritually inclined. 30 Something…

I was born and brought up in the city of London but I relocated to Leicester (for love) back in 2016. 

A Psychology graduate who worked mostly with people with disabilities, Digital Marketing found me when I least expected it. I have been creating content (See my Blog Post ‘5 Things you didn’t know about me) and marketing it for 8 years now. 

In London, my Digital Marketing career involved working predominantly for large retail brands with extensive budgets, so when I moved to Leicester, my focus was always going to be on those with smaller budgets.

Spending time with small and independent business and hearing about the challenges that they face and then helping them to find solutions is what drives me. My passion for Digital Marketing is based on the theory that ‘You don’t need to be a big brand to succeed in business, you just need to know how to market yourself ‘ and thats where I come in! 

If you’re interested in my professional background (It’s pretty interesting), you can find me on LinkedIn here. If you want to step into my personal life, check out my Instagram @thoughtsfashionlifestyle 

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