The general rule is that you should keep all your branding in line so people can find you and I completely agree that everything should be consistent, however, I do not (always) follow the rules because I also believe you need to do what works for you.

My alias Instagram account @thoughtsmarketinglifestyle┬áhas existed since 2016 when I lived in London, I set it up as a place to showcase every aspect of my life including (surprise surprise) things I love like my ‘Thoughts’ ‘Marketing’ and my ‘Lifestyle’. Although my name has always been referenced on my profile, I love the idea that it covers a bit of everything and allows my audience to see a different side of my life. For me, it’s a way to mix work and pleasure, to create a balanced lifestyle that I have been craving for so long and one of the reasons I first decided to go freelance.

If you interested in seeing my alternative world, I would be thrilled if you followed me @thoughtsmarketinglifestyle