5 things to remember before you get on Social Media

If your in the process where you have a budget dedicated to Social Media and your looking for someone to manage yours, there are a few important things that need to be developed within your business first. To be honest, these things should actually be researched before you even set up your website.

1. Does the brand have a tone of voice?

The tone of voice should be the same around all channels including the website, it is not only unprofessional but can also be confusing to the customer if this isn’t kept consistent.

2. What is your brands mission/objecives?

When taking on someone, they need to know what your sole mission is as a brand, this will help to create a clear strategy and plan for your channels.

3. Who is your main customer?

A clear definition of who your customer is will not only help to create content but also help to understand which channels you should be present on.

4. What makes your brand unique?

There is something that makes your product and brand completely different from anyone else or you wouldn’t be selling – is it the quality, the attention to detail, the unique way in which it is created. Whatever your uniqueness is, make sure this is communicated so it can shine through in all your social media.

5. What’s your brands story?
There is a reason you started your business, what was it? Tell your brands story, make sure its on your website and make sure its presented regularly through your social media person via your social channels. By tapping into your customers emotions, you will be able to keep them loyal, interested and buying more.

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