4 things to remember when working with influencers

In November I hosted my first influencer event for a restaurant in London, I have been managing their Social Media since their October launch and working with influencers has been a big part of my growth strategy for the brand. Being a new business, getting access to content and exposure is pivotal for growth but what do you need to know when working with influencers? Here are a few tips.

  1. Find people who sit with your brand. If you are a luxury business, it is no point working with someone who doesn’t have a luxury lifestyle because you can almost guarantee their audience will be completely wrong for you and won’t result in adequate results.
  2. Be clear on what you want from them in advance, are you looking for story content or a Instagram Post or would you like a whole blog post written on them? If you want some of their imagery, make sure you get their permission before you work together
  3. Do you have a budget? Or are you looking for free exposure? If you are willing to spend some money, speak to the influencer and try to negotiate a price that suits you. If you want free exposure, micro influencers will usually work for you are a freebie.
  4. It is not all about following and likes – it’s important to see who and how many people are commenting on posts. Also don’t be afraid to ask for a media pack to understand their audience, stats and even how many people view their stories.Influencer marketing has become a really lucrative business so make sure you do your research and understand what you want and what you are getting so you don’t need to be disappointed, also try different types of influencers within your industry in different niches to see what works best for you.

Looking for more advice around working with influencers or just help with how to approach them? Get in touch by sending me an email on info@renuravalia.com

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