5 Instagram tips to use to stay ahead today

Instagram latest observations September 2020

Instagram: What is going on?

I am constantly analysing Instagram, there have been so many updates recently, the introduction of reels is the most recent one (Instagram’s take on Tik Tok) and I have seen some significant changes in likes, follows and general engagement. It seems as a business, you need to do so much more now to get your content seen but what are these things and how will the return to work and these changes effect your posting? Before I share some tips, why don’t I go through what I have observed first:

  • Instagram story views have decreased
  • Getting likes on images are much harder
  • Hashtags aren’t helping increase followers
  • Story views are increased when followers are engaging well with content

So what do you need to do nowadays to get attention on Instagram? Here are some recommendations, things I have noticed while testing and trying some different techniques, if trying them all is too much, why not aim to do one a month – remember social media is all about trial and error and it is NOT a one size sits all, it’s also the only way you are going to see what works for your brand:

  1. IGTV views are still up – Instagram continues to prioritise video content over image content, so make sure you incorporate these into your feed (Isn’t this ironic considering it started out as an image led platform)
  2. You have to create content that engages (it needs to generate comments and shares, not just likes) and this involves understanding and analysing your followers so you can create exactly the content they want. Ask your followers what they want and test different types of content. If you want some Inso, download my content plan here.
  3. Time of day of posting has become more important and this is where insights have become even more valuable – something many people don’t pay much attention too, I think it’s time to start!
  4. LIVES are still working well but instead of doing them in the day – try doing them in the evening and try doing collaborations with others to tap into their audience
  5. Reels are getting maximum exposure – I assumed something new was coming when story views dropped. Get on those reels and see how they perform for you (Something I intend to do very soon!)

Get some help

If you are finding it hard to create a strategy for your Instagram, get in touch. I offer 2 services that could help you get more clarity – Strategy Calls are a 90 minute fast fix and Mentoring offers long term support where we recreate your whole brand strategy. You can learn more about both of these here.

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