3 of my favourite podcasts for personal growth & DEVELOPMENT

Matt Botsford

I have never been a massive TV person so when I discovered podcasts, I was super excited. I knew I needed help to change the way I thought and these have been a pivotal part of my growth journey. There are 3 main areas that my growth has focussed on, personal development and insights, spirituality and entrepreneur mindset. Below are 3 podcasts I recommend you listen to if you need some guidance in any of these spaces.

For Spiritual Enlightenment

I can’t remember how I came across Emma Mumford and her Spiritual Queen’s Badass Podcast but it was her views around law of attraction and her carefully selected interviewees that has kept me listening. I can also relate to so much of what she says and what her guests say. Definitely one of my favourite podcasts!

For Personal Development & Insights

I used to watch the Oprah show and wanted to get her super soul Sunday book but then someone said she also has a podcast, I made sure I downloaded some episodes straight away. I have a few favourites that really stood out to me but I am 100% sure everyone will find something that they can connect too.

For Entrepreneur Mindset

Realising I didn’t have a very positive mind, I knew I needed to change the way I thought. This podcast has been so important for my growth and allowed me to understand more about how entrepreneurs think which has really helped me in my business.

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