Behind the logo design: Guest Post

I am very excited to announce that I have just finalised my new logo. Created by the talented Jen from Fuzzy Flamingo and based on a design I saw while out in London, I thought it would be really helpful for you to understand more about the process, so I asked her to do a short post about the journey from start to finish…

Guest Post by Jen Parker, Fuzzy Flamingo 

One of the toughest but most important aspects of graphic design is getting inside your client’s head. It is particularly important when it comes to logo design and branding.

There are several ways of approaching this challenge, and at Fuzzy Flamingo I like to start with the all-important initial conversation. Whether this is over a coffee face-to-face, over messages, or over the phone, it is really useful to get an insight into the client’s personality. A bit of social media stalking doesn’t go amiss either, particularly with visual platforms such as Instagram! It might be something simple like a colour preference, for example they might favour a particular colour choice with clothes or with the images they post; or it might be something big, maybe something bordering on obsession. For example, if I were to meet up with myself I wouldn’t be able to miss my love of flamingos, so how could I not include that in my branding?!

The next stage would be to ask more focused questions. Often this is in the form of a questionnaire for my clients, asking questions about passions, colour preference, etc., but also encouraging their eyes to open and look around at different brands and finding what they like or don’t like, not just within their field but elsewhere too. One client sent me a picture of a box of tea and it worked really well for her logo inspiration!

If you are considering a designer for your artwork, particularly when it comes to logo design and branding, then make sure you choose a company that is prepared to get inside your head and get to know you as well as your company, as that way you will get a brand you are happy to showcase and represent in all aspects of your life. You are the best representation of your brand, so ensure your brand is the best representation of you and you’ll be onto a winner.

Need some branding help? Contact Jennifer Parker from Fuzzy Flamingo on

The Unveiling

And here it is, so extremely excited about this new addition to my business.



  1. The process of making the logo was quite inspiring, Thankyou for sharing this blog hope to see much more inspirational blog’s in future and yes love the logo of Fuzzy Flamingo….


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