Social Media Work(Fun)shop

Last week I hosted my first Social Media Workshop in Leicester, to be honest, it was more like a Funshop as it really didn’t feel like work and I got the impression everyone who attended felt the same. The feedback was really positive with everyone commenting on how they found it very positive and beneficial to their business (Testimonials to follow).

The Attendees 

The attendees of this intimate session, came from a variety of businesses from different industries. This included:

  • Food – A manager from a local Leicester based pub
  • Design – The owner of a Wedding Stationary Company – See Testimonial
  • Beauty – A beauty and skin care brand owner – See Testimonial
  • Property – The owner of a property inventory business

The Workshop Content 

The relaxed and interactive workshop covered various topics all based on the businesses individual needs, this included:

  • Social Media Best Practice – What are the best channels for your business. How often should you be posting. What shouldn’t you be doing on Social Media.
  • Content Planning – How can you save time planning your social media activity. How can you stop feeling overwhelmed by Social Media.
  • How to grow your following – What techniques could you be adopting to grow your following organically.
  • Content Inspiration – Inspiration for your business on what you could be posting across your channels.

Bespoke Social Media Workshops in Leicester 

Each workshop is targeted specifically at small businesses and independents who want to grow their brand. The content is written based on the businesses needs so each course outline will vary depending on the group. Following the session, each person gets an email consultation specific to their business. The sessions are small and intimate with a maximum of 6 businesses attending to ensure maximum value. As budgets can be tight, the sessions are set at an affordable price.

The next workshop will take place in Leicester on Wednesday 26th September. The 2 hour session will be from 6:30 – 8:30. To book your place or find out more contact me on: 

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