The Timber Festival

If you’ve been following my Content Ideas articles, you would have read lots of examples of how you can create fun and interesting blog content for your website. When your writing your content, its really good to throw in lots of photos, I often talk about the importance of story telling when I speak to clients and my recent trip to the Timber Festival is a great example of how you can do this especially if you attending events that you intend to share on your blogs.

Blog Post: The Timber Festival

On Sunday 8th July, I put on my festival attire and headed off to Feanedock, the 70 acre woodland located in the heart of the National Forest, bordering Derbeyshire and Leicestershire. Why I hear you ask? For the first ever Timber Festival, an extraordinary 3 day camping (and daytime) festival designed to explore the transformative impact of forests through a selection of music, art and philosophy organised by The National Forest in collaboration with Wild Rumpus.

I had chosen not to do a lot of research around the event, keen to keep an open mind and explore what was on offer and there was A LOT on offer! The vast woodland was split into 11 different spaces each with its own name and array of activities.


First stop – The Common. The Common consisted of interactive workshops and demos from wood carving to a fire masterclass and create your own butterfly, which of course completely appealed to me.


Next was Shivelight, being a scorching 30 Degrees, we were extremely relieved to be located in a tent in the shade, having read about this space in the programme and having missed the Laughter Yoga session (very sad about that), I was very excited to be trying out a Mindful Drawing Class. A brief introduction went straight into a 15 minute meditation by artist and well being expert Rachel Howfield Massey, we then went on to draw but this wasn’t any drawing class, it offered a chance to really focus on being mindful of the subject, for all of us, that was a leaf, we held it, stroked it, smelt it and really connected with it before we even started to thinking about drawing it, there was a little more to it but I wouldn’t want to give too much away. I completely loved this session! The technique was something completely original and Rachel was a fantastic teacher, being in nature whilst doing this class made me feel really at one!


The trail to find food led us past the main Nightangale Music Stage which had pretty much back to back performances all day. Then onto an outside space for book worms called the Woodland Library where you could bring your own book or borrow one and read while swinging on hammocks in the woods. And finally a chance to be a Timber Festival Tourist.




Then it was time for lunch, I was really impressed by the selection that included lots of meat options as well as vegetarian selections from the likes of Goody Gujurati & the very quirky Cheezy Vinyl .


Our Sunday ended in the middle of the forest at The Eyrie Stage with an acoustic from musician Will Killen. The combination of his amazing voice and the beautiful surrounding completely blew me away and was a lovely end to a really nice day.


I think what surprised me the most about the festival is how much there was to see and do, not just for adults but for children. Coming from London, I am always looking for new and exciting ways to keep occupied. I have never felt so at one with nature as I did during the festival and I don’t think visiting the forest is something I would have necessarily done is it wasn’t for the Timber Festival, so I am very grateful to have been able to go. I do wish I had more time to explore, sit, absorb and appreciate as well as watch these guys do their walk around the woods, so I definitely recommend camping over the whole weekend!



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