Branding: Create a brand you love

Being a Digital Marekteer and specialising in content,  getting the content ready for my website was the most important task on my to do list when I made the decision to hand in my resignation and start planning my departure from the company I worked for.

What I hadn’t thought too much about was how I would brand the website, I knew I wanted it to be personable just like me and I had been toying with the idea of disassociating myself from my brand although, in haste, I had already bought a domain name that used my own name. As I started to build my website, I was really uninspired by what I created and the stock images just weren’t doing me justice however on the flip side I had also hit a brick wall from the brand perspective because I just couldn’t think of a name I loved. Love is very importantly to me in every aspect of my life, you are most passionate about the things you love and I knew I had to create a brand that reflected this. So how did I make my final decision about what you see now?

Well, being an Instagram Blogger (@thoughtsfashionlifestyle) has opened up lots of exciting opportunities and I was blessed to have been offered one by Leicestershire based Blogger & Creatives Photographer Kirstie Marie of KM Photographic. A photography session chosen at a location of my choice on a topic unique to me, the decision was easy, this would be a shoot of me at a relaxed cafe doing what I love. The cafe of choice was the beautiful Prana Cafe  in Leicester City Centre with its high ceilings and ornate decor and the images would complete my website.

Although you would have seen most of the photos taken on the day, I saved one to share with you here

…A Few Thank Yous

It was a massive blessing to have been given this opportunity and a big big thank you goes out to Prana Cafe for allowing me to use the stunning location (I also had the most amazing Walnut Cake and Chai Latte) and Thank you to Kirstie from KM Photographic who captured the mood so well and helped me create a brand that I really love.

Renu090618 (6)



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