About Me

So, where to start…

Creative  minded. Spiritually inclined. 30 Something…

I was born and brought up in the city of London but I relocated to Leicester (for love) back in 2016. 

A Psychology graduate who in my early career worked predominantly in schools and in the community to empower and offer support to people with disabilities, Digital Marketing found me back in 2009, when I least expected it, and I have been creating content (See my Blog Post ‘5 Things you didn’t know about me) and marketing it online ever since.

In London, my Digital Marketing role involved working for large retail brands with extensive funds, so when I moved to Leicester, my attention moved to those with smaller budgets.

Spending time with a variety of businesses and hearing about the challenges that they face and then encouraging and motivating them to find creative solutions to their Marketing blocks is what drives me. My passion for Digital Marketing is based on the theory that ‘You don’t need to be a big brand to succeed in business, you just need to be a little creative and think outside the box’ and thats where I come in! 

Since leaving my full time job, I have conducted a number of 1:1 Coaching sessions (See my Blog Post ‘1:1 Coaching, Ruby & Fi, Leicester) and small group workshops, which was actually more like fun (See my Blog Post: Social Media Work(Fun)shop’)

Ok enough about me…

But if you are itching to learn more, you can find out about my professional background (It’s pretty interesting) via LinkedIn here. And if you want to step into my personal life, check out the Instagram page located in the menu and follow me @thoughtsfashionlifestyle

For questions or enquiries, email me on renuravalia@gmail.com for more information.


Let’s talk Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are brilliant, during my 1:1 sessions its something I always suggest using to help grow businesses and also build general brand awareness. They have become relatively more popular in recent years and the managers of these groups are becoming more and more creative in the way they curate posts to ensure they are adding value and helping others, which I totally love. Not using Facebook groups? Here are 3 reason why you should start.

  1. Many groups allow you to do an introduction when you first join which is fantastic for brand awareness. If you follow these groups on a regular basis, they may also share posts that allow you to share your Instagram and Facebook pages, yet again, a great way to build your following, business and grow awareness.
  2. If you’re a start up, new to an industry or just in need of a supplier, groups are a great way to find people and great great relationships!
  3. Another great way to grow your business is to collaborate with others but how do you find people to collaborate with, well via groups of course. I recently saw an amazing suggestion for a review swap and we all know how important good reviews are for your business right?

Grow your Business with Social Media

My Leicester based workshops are aimed at small businesses and entrepreneurs who are responsible for marketing and are looking to take advantage of online marketing to drive  their business forward.


I know how overwhelming it can be, there is a lot of information out there, so during the workshop,  I focus on 5 key areas which I have identified as the biggest challenges small businesses face, these are:

  • Growing Following
  • Content Inspiration (Industry specific)
  • Content Planning
  • Social Media Best Practice (Facebook & Instagram)
  • Branding Advice


These sessions aren’t just an opportunity to learn but also a chance to interact with other businesses and make meaningful relationships.


The workshop gives you the foundations to craft your own action plan for your business that is focused on your objectives.


In this workshop we will be looking at your brand, the tools that you could be taking advantage of and how best to present your brand online in order for you to raise your profile and attract new clients.


To enquire or if you have any further questions, please feel free to email me on Renuravalia@gmail.com or contact me via the contact page here


Social Media Workshop Leicester

Brand Coaching

When you create a brand, it’s important to remember that everything you are doing is to help you connect with your audience. With my brand, I always think of my end goal and work backwards and I encourage my clients to do the same, having a strategy behind what you are doing will give you a lot more purpose and direction.

1:1 Brand Coaching Case Study 

Vikesh came to me a few weeks ago wanting help with branding, an entrepreneur who creates a lifestyle based on making a passive income, he was looking for some direction and guidance of how to create a brand that represented his life.

The session started with brainstorming, focussing on his objectives and goals, his purpose and achievements. It then evolved into a full on plan of action based on how to create and build a strong brand to inspire and encourage other entrepreneurs.

Spending 9 years working with many different of brands, you learn a lot and I understand and always highlight the importance of having a clear story and a ‘why’, if you get this right, your already on the right track because this will help others understand you better which will increase the emotional connection with your followers. This becomes the foundation of your brand and will create a pitch when you talk about it to others.

Apart from coming up with ideas for blog posts (covering every project he is currently working on) and suggesting how he could create his website, I also helped him to create a strategy for his social media, something to help him with direction and consistency.

YOUR Branding

A lot of people come to me as the professional and I love sharing my ideas, experiences and my successes but one of the things to remember when creating your brand is, it is exactly that, YOUR brand, which means you can lead it however you want too, yes there are rules out there and you can follow someone else’s model but ultimately, you have to do what is best for you and only you know that.


3 ways with Hashtags on Instagram

One of the best ways to increase your following on Instagram is to be savvy with your Hashtags but what’s the most effective way to use them? Here are 3 ways to help you create a successful hashtag strategy for Instagram and see a positive increase in your following:

1. In your post description

A 2014 Instagram study by Simply Measured reported: Posts with at least one hashtag average 12.6% more engagement.

Instagram allows you to use 30 hashtags, although I wouldn’t advise using all 30, making sure you utilise hashtags is massively important if you want to grow your following on Instagram, just remember to strategic about the hashtags you use to ensure you are attracting the right audience!

2. In your stories

I love stories, a place where I can post everything about myself as a brand. Unless you make them an Instagram Highlight, stories only last 24 hours so to make sure these are seen, don’t forget to add hashtags. You will be surprised how many more views you can get if you remember to always hashtag your stories.

3. To find like minded people

Part of your strategy should always be to connect with like minded brands but where to start? If you search for hashtags relevant to your industry and the follow them (another new addition for 2018), you’ll be surprised what you might find, not only inspiration but also an easy way to see what others within your space are doing.




1:1 Coaching: Ruby & Fi, Leicester

Thursday last week, I conducted my first Social Media Coaching Session with Hetal from Ruby & Fi – Events with Style 

Hetal had a number of challenges she wanted to address including help with content ideas for her blog and rules around posting on Social Media Channels especially Facebook & Instagram. I spent time preparing a handout giving her lots of advice and tips which we worked through, the session was really relaxed and also included a little tutorial on how she could be using more Facebook and Instagram stories to market herself and the business.

You can read her view on the session here

About 1:1 Coaching

Each session and content is tailored around the individuals needs giving a really bespoke service. I cover a number of Digital Marketing services including Social Media, Blog Inspiration, Content Planning, SEO and Marketing Strategy. The initial chat is completely free and the sessions have been created to be affordable with maximum value. Whether its a skype call you need or face to face interaction, an hour you’re looking for or longer, why not get in touch to find out more.

SEO: The Basics

I have spent a lot of my time working on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). With a small budget, it can really be the driving force for bringing traffic to your website, so it is 100% worth spending a little time working on SEO. If this is something you are not familiar with, here is a very brief explanation of SEO.

SEO is the process of optimizing your website to ‘rank’ higher in search engine results pages, therefore increasing the amount of organic (or free) traffic that your website receives. 

There are two types of SEO: On page/Onsite SEO and Off Page/Offsite SEO.


On page refers to your page copy i.e. Meta Description. Page Title. Alt Text. Heading Texts. Before looking at working on this type of SEO think about what key words you want to be optimised for. This should always be the first step to creating your SEO Strategy.

To win on page, make sure your pages are well structured (Making sure you use Headings H1 and subheadings H2) and use specific keywords (to avoid google getting confused about where to send traffic to). Also ensure every single page has:

  • Alt text
  • H1 & H2 (heading texts)
  • Page title
  • Meta description
  • Keyword within the content


Off page refers to creating an online and offline footprint away from your website. This is done through creating back links to your website from Social Media, Articles, Blog Posts, Discussion Boards etc. If you have valuable back links, google will know that you have great content that will add value to your audience, so you’ll rank higher.

To win off page you want  to link internal pages using the keyword that best defines that page and remember, the more relevant or legitimate the website your back links come from, the better you are likely to be ranked. If your ready to take the next step and build a strategy around your SEO, then Moz have a great article with lots more detail. You can read it here.

To Summarise

SEO is an ongoing process and requires time, so remember to be patient. And a few final words…

1. The first part of your SEO strategy is to decide which keywords to rank for, be specific, start with a broad list, and then whittle it down using Google Keyword Planner.

2. Once you have your list, keep a record of the keywords you are optimising for and where you rank and keep visiting these keywords so you have visibility of your position.

2. To remain at the top of the page, make sure your also use these keywords within the content on your website including in your blog.

3. Also work on getting quality inbound links. For example: By Guest Blogging for a website or working with trusted digital influencers.

4. Analyse and monitor. Monthly analysing will help you to change your strategy if things aren’t working, so stay open to change.

1:1 Coaching, Spicy Masterclass, Leicester

Bhavna, brainchild of the newest Indian cooking masterclass known as Spicy Masterclass approached me to get some advice about how to market her new business. Spicy Masterclass is an intensive cookery class specialising in authentic Gujarati cooking run by Bhavna who has 30 years experience in the kitchen, passionate about teaching others her skills, she will be launching her business in September.

Her goals for the session were to get some advice on finding the right audience as well as some inspiration for Instagram and Facebook content. We went through various ways of discovering target audiences as well as best practice and lots of content examples, something she said she needed specific help on. We picked out USPs that were used to create a new Instagram profile description and we discussed the importance of videos and lives for business growth and awareness. By the time I left she felt more confident about her marketing plan and by the evening had already started to implement what she had learnt.

As it was an intense session with lots of information, to make it more manageable, I sent over an action plan which allowed Bhavna to stay focussed giving her clear marketing goals. I suggested a second session in the future so we could explore channels more, as I believe as start up, it is likely that things might change. Another great session followed by a lovely testimonial which you can read here.

About 1:1 Coaching

Each session and content is tailored around the individuals needs giving a really bespoke service. I cover a number of Digital Marketing services including Social Media, Blog Inspiration, Content Planning, SEO and Marketing Strategy. The initial chat is completely free and the sessions have been created to be affordable with maximum value. Whether its a skype call you need or face to face interaction, why not get in touch to find out how you can help your business grow.

Using Instagram Nametags

Instagram Nametags 

If you’re an Instagram regular, you might have seen a new icon on the top right hand side of your home screen that looks like this.


On Tuesday Instagram launched a nametag feature allowing you to promote your brand or business (or personal profile) visually. You have the option to personalise it using an emoji, selfie or choose a colour of your choice. Want to create one of your own? Below is a step by step guide of how to create your nametag.

Creating your Nametag

Step 1: Click the icon included above on the top  right hand corner of your home screen. 


Step 2: Decide on your style by playing with the emoji, selfie and colour options which will be located in the top centre. I chose this emoji. 


Step 3: Use your nametag to help people follow you, it definitely helps fasten up the whole process especially when you are out at events.

Here is what the other person will get when they scan your tag. Use your tag on Facebook, LinkedIn and on all your marketing material. 


Inspired Coaching – The story so far…

Last week I completed my sixth Social Media Coaching session. The main digital channels I have been covering are websites, blogs, Facebook and Instagram (Soon to move on to LinkedIn).

To summarise, I work with small businesses and independents to help create digital marketing strategies to grow their businesses online. Ultimately, I train, advise and inspire!

Being a creative I thrive from variety so creating unique content for different businesses on a regular basis really excites me, not only am I achieving one my main passions of helping small businesses but I am also learning by the minute (Learning is very important to my personal growth). Although each session is very different, they all have one thing in common, they’re empowering!

When I first started my career after studying psychology at university, I worked in schools teaching children with disabilities via small group sessions and 1:1s in the classroom. The satisfaction I got from empowering others was something I never forgot and I am so happy to be able to return to this but this time being able to incorporate my 9 years of digital marketing experience.

Starting a new business I believe is very much a journey, so watch this space to see where this one goes…